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Circus Of Horrors


Stage: The Dog House / Mind The Dog Day: Wednesday Set Time: 22:00 –

Stage: The Dog House / Mind The Dog Day: Thursday Set Time: 15:30 – 16:00

By popular demand Circus of Horrors are back in the Doghouse this year with TWO wild and wonderful new shows – ASYLUM on Wednesday and on Thursday WELCOME TO THE FREAK SHOW.

Each show features an amazing amalgamation of bizarre & fantastic circus acts & the darkest of magic – taking entertainment to a whole new level. Accompanied by an original soundscape and all performed with a forked tongue firmly in each cheek.. you’ll certainly Die Laughing.

Fresh from an International tour – Circus of Horrors feature unbelievable sword swallowers, whirlwind acrobats, flaming limbo twisted contortion, blade walkers, fiery Hula hooping diva’s & lots, lots more in this roller coaster of a show, hosted by undead ringmaster Dr Haze with a metal soundscape of Devil Driven Rock n Roll.