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Stage: The Dogtooth Stage Day: Saturday Set Time: TBA

Draped in black with a demon on her shoulder, Dana Dentata’s empowered sexuality, irrefutable lyricism, and unrestrained provocation define her acclaimed EP, Daddy Loves You.

Hailing from the suburb of Etobicoke, Canada, she immersed herself in the worlds of Britney Spears, Hole, Marilyn Manson, Eminem, and Insane Clown Posse. Breaking free from suburban malaise, she fronted Dentata—a female punk-metal band whose name nods to the folk tale of a man-eating vagina with teeth. 2013 saw the breakup of Dentata, with Dana taking to a different stage, stripping at an infamous Toronto club.

Plucked off the pole and into a modeling career, her path twisted and turned until she ended up in Los Angeles during 2017. With a middle finger up to male manipulation and industry machinations, she embraced a newfound confidence and went independent as Dana Dentata. Her breakthrough “TND”—“trust no dick”—set the internet on fire and paved the way for her debut, DANAVI$ION.