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Stage: The Side Splitter Stage Day: Wednesday Set Time: 22:20 – 22:40

We are delighted to introduce Jonathan Mayor, former Duchess of Argyll.  Best known from the 80’s as the world first international oven-glove supermodel, he will be remembered by readers of Tatler, Vogue and The Berkshire And Buck.s Kitchenware Sale Bank Holiday Special.  When the bottom fell out of bake wear, he spent a decade exploring himself in India, and having found himself in one of his deepest crevices, sadly became a comedian.  From this point on his downfall has been swift and tragic.  He has worked with the likes of Sarah Millican, Russell Howard, John Bishop, Rob Brydon, Jason Manford, Joel Dommnett, Katherine Ryan, Johnny Vegas and Dame Barbara Windsor, mostly as a cleaner. He is a huge cult.