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Stage: The Dogtooth Stage Day: Friday Set Time: 17:40 – 18:05

Founded by frontman Samy Elbanna in 2010 when the guys were still in their teens, LOST SOCIETY began rapidly claiming fame as a formidable live act in and around their hometown of Jyväskylä, Finland. With the strength of two demo tapes and a string of solid performances at 2012’s Global Battle of Bands the band secured themselves a deal with Germany’s long-running metal aficionados Nuclear Blast Records and the perfect storm was born.

Two years and a literal fuckload of shows later, the band returned with “Braindead” (2016), their most dynamically mature and profound effort yet. Even though none of the anthemic quality that made LOST SOCIETY ideal material for a good night out was lost, the album had a distinctly darker and heavier tone. By the looks of things, LOST SOCIETY definitely have a long history ahead of them.