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Stage: The Dogtooth Stage Day: Friday Set Time: TBA

Tempt are not about starting a revolution. Nor are they about taking the past and reimagining it. No, what Tempt are doing is far more exciting and dynamic than such glib phrases would suggest. Welcome to the future of rock. A bold statement? Of course it is. But it also happens to be… TRUE!

In the few years since their formation, Tempt have created a style, verve, vibe and quality that is of their own making. Here is what we have all craved and desired for so long. Namely, a band for the modern era who do not pander to trends. Nor are they dependent on their influences. No, here are four talents who meld and merge into something that is far more than the sum of those considerable parts.

You want supreme songwriting? Tempt have it. You want stunning performance? Tempt do this naturally. You want focused energy? Tempt deliver with flowing zest You want a rock band who pay respect to the past, yet are striding into the future? Tempt are that band. Welcome to the new world. And this is a world that belongs to Tempt.