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Stage: The Dogtooth Stage Day: Sunday Set Time: TBA

How The Injester -an anonymous clown horde was born is a story the band will tell…..The likes of Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, MM, FNM and Mr Bungle have played a part in shaping who they are.

Under their previous personas, The Injester have played some of metal’s biggest stages. This moulded them into what they have become. Launching in 2019 the band’s music is a metallic mix of horror, theatre and tales for all mankind.

On Halloween of 2019 the band released their debut music in ‘Introducing The Injester’ and their debut videos for ‘Apophenia’ and ‘Knifeblower’ to all major platforms. The Injester are now stepping out of the shadows, masked and armed with explosive new material bringing their musical nightmare to life.