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Stage: Apex Stage Day: Friday Set Time: TBA

Reset the counters! Toby Jepson is back with WAYWARD SONS, his brand new band,
and ‘Ghosts Of Yet To Come’, his first new album in over 20 years.

After the incredible success of Little Angels, a number one album, millions of records
sold, massive sell out shows and numerous hit singles, Toby has been busy these past
years in movie work, performing with Fastway, Gun and Dio’s Disciples and
producing albums for numerous bands (Saxon, Fastway, Virginmarys).

His heart however, is always in writing and performing and so the concept of
WAYWARD SONS was born – a new band, built for playing live, a new direction
with Toby’s songs centre stage and a new album, signed to Frontiers Music SRL, with
all the hallmarks of a great debut.