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Campsite Info

Campsite Facilities

Download’s campsite area is so much more than the place you can get some kip. As well as numerous campsite areas, you’ll gain access to The Village which is full of food and drink stalls, essential services, and the kind of entertainment you just won’t find anywhere else. The campsite is open 24 hours a day.

There will be toilets, showers and water available to you dotted around the campsite areas, just look at your map or nearby signs to guide you.



The Eco-Camp is a place for exploring and playing

The Eco-Camp connects with and respects nature

The Eco-Camp is a place for creating and innovating

This year, Greenpeace are hosting a brand new campsite in a beautiful part of the Donington Estate that is home to ancient oak trees and native wildlife.  In this place we want to create a community within a community.  A community who value spending five glorious days in the great outdoors just as much as listening to their favourite bands with their favourite people.  This is a place where everyone wants to keep their camp clean and recycling is second nature, a place to meet like-minded people and get inspiration about how to live in a positive way. Where everything that is brought in is taken away again, and only experience and memories remain.

Create Your Community

The Eco-Camp is free to stay in and requires pre-registration for every guest to sign up to the following principles;

1.     All guests agree to being responsible for their gear and take responsibility for any waste they produce.

2.     All guests agree to separate their recyclables in the recycling facilities and put any residual waste in the bins provided.

3.     All guests agree to leave the Eco-Camp exactly as they found it. All camping equipment that is brought in must be taken home again.

4.     Most importantly!  Guests are encouraged to have fun, play, explore, respect fellow campers and enjoy the wonderful, natural surroundings.

Please fill in this form to register.  Places are limited and are given on a first come first served basis, each booking can register up to 4 additional tents, each guest must sign the Eco-Camp declaration. The names of all guests must be provided in advance in order to check in, contact information of the lead person will be required.

In order to access the Eco-Camp persons must also hold a valid weekend ticket to Download Festival 2018. As such it is understood that you must adhere to the festival terms and conditions.

To book your space in the Eco-Camp, please complete the Registration Form.

Quiet Camping

Quiet Camping is a separate field in the main camp site area, that gives people a break from the 24 hour party atmosphere of the standard camp sites.

It has a curfew of midnight, after which time music must be turned off, And no shouting please, though conversation at your tent is fine. It is meant to make it quieter, not completely silent. Sound from other camps may drift across, although being some distance away, this is less than if you were in the midst of standard camping.

Tickets for quiet camping are the same price as standard camping tickets and each ticket is valid for one person. This is the ideal campsite for families and younger festival goers.


NO GAS canisters or petrol fuelled cookers will be allowed anywhere on site. There will be no exception to this rule, anyone found using gas may be asked to leave site!

Alternatively please use one of the following: meth stoves including fuel, trangia stoves, solid fuel/Hexi stoves, gel stoves, green base camp cooker and firelighter stoves.

Please raise BBQ’s and camping stoves at least 30cms off the ground to avoid burning the site.

Open campfires are strictly prohibited.

Exceptions: Campervan/Caravans – If the gas is connected through a professionally installed/certified system then gas is permitted.