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Download Festival will no longer being going ahead this year. Read the full statement here.

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Loyalty Scheme

1. Timeline (Key Dates)

  • 21st January
    FAQ goes live
  • 3rd February
    Application process opens at midday
  • 31st March
    Application process closes at 11.59pm
  • 5th May
    Result emails are sent out. These will include a unique QR Code and next steps.

    Re-submission application process opens. Those who were unsuccessful the first time will get the chance to re-apply.
  • 15th May
    Re-submission application form closes at 11.59pm
  • 29th May
    Result emails are sent out for successful re-submitted applications
  • 12 – 14th June
    Download Festival 2020

2. New For 2020 – Important Changes

Please read the following Loyalty Scheme FAQ carefully, however the main changes for this year’s Loyalty Scheme can be read below:

  • ‘Fast Track’ For Returning 2019 Members
    All successful 2019 Loyalty Scheme members will be eligible to fast track through this year’s Application Form using their Loyalty ID from 2019 (see Q11).
  • Improved Application Form
    After overhauling our Application Form for last year’s Loyalty Scheme, this year we’ve included even clearer instructions at every stage. We have also added new elements allowing for 2019 Loyalty Scheme members to fast track through the application.
  • New Loyalty Cabin Location
    For Download 2020 the Loyalty Cabin will be located directly on your right hand side as you enter main Arena Entrance – The opposite side to where it has previously been located. Once available, please see the Arena Map for exact location.

3. General Info

Q1. What is the Download 2020 Loyalty Scheme?

Now in its fourth year, the Download Loyalty Scheme is our way of thanking and rewarding you – the fans – for making Download Festival the incredible experience it is today; especially those who return year-after-year.

Q2. How does it work?

We reward you with Download Pounds (Loyalty Vouchers). These are worth real money which can only be spent at Download Festival 2020. The more years you can prove you’ve attended in the past the more Download Pounds you can potentially receive.

Q3. Am I eligible to apply?

To be eligible for our 2020 Download Loyalty Scheme you will need two things:

  • To have purchased an adult (13+), full priced Download 2020 Weekend Ticket for either 3 or 5 days. This can be either camping or non-camping.
  • You must also have purchased at least two other adult, full priced Weekend Tickets (3 or 5 days) for any Download Festival between 2012-2019.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept those who hold Day Tickets or Child Tickets. Carers, PA’s and Ambassadors who have received complimentary Download Weekend Tickets are also not eligible for the Loyalty Scheme, this also applies to Guest and competition winner tickets.

Q4. How many years can I apply for?

The minimum amount of years you can apply for is two, with the maximum amount being five years. Your Download 2020 Weekend Ticket does not count towards one of your maximum five years.

Q5. How many Download Pounds could I receive?

The amount of Download Pounds you receive depends on the amount of previous Download Festival’s you can prove you’ve attended for the entire weekend.

E.g. If you’ve purchased a Download 2020 Weekend Ticket and have evidence that you’ve attended Download Festival for an entire weekend twice before (between 2012 – 2019), that will equal two years and £20’s worth of Download Pounds. Here’s a breakdown…

  • 2020 Weekend Ticket + Two previous years = 2 years (£20s worth)
  • 2020 Weekend Ticket + Three previous years = 3 years (£30s worth)
  • 2020 Weekend Ticket + Four previous years = 4 years (£40s worth)
  • 2020 Weekend Ticket + Five previous years = 5 years (£50s worth)

Q6. What can I spend my Download Pounds on, and where?

Download Pounds can be spend at the following locations in the Main Arena:

  • All official merchandise stands on Download Festival branded merch only. Download Pounds are not redeemable against band / artist merch.
  • All main bars. This does not include speciality bars such as Rocktail Cocktail, Danish Quarter, Bulleit Bar etc.

Note: Download Pounds are not redeemable at any food stalls, or anywhere outside of the Main Arena perimeter at Download Festival.

4. Application Process

Q7. How do I apply?

You will need to complete and submit a Download 2020 Application Form.

To do this you will first need to have purchased a Weekend Ticket to Download 2020. If you do not yet have a Download 2020 Weekend Ticket, you can purchase yours here.

Q8. When can I apply?

Our Application Form will be available from Monday 3rd February. To be notified when applications open, please sign up to our dedicated Loyalty Scheme Mailing List.

The deadline to submit an application for our 2020 Loyalty Scheme will be 11.59pm on Tuesday 31st March.

Q9. I’ve been accepted previously; do I need to apply again?

Yes. Everyone needs to apply regardless of whether you were a member of a previous Loyalty Scheme. Those who were accepted into our 2019 Loyalty Scheme will have the ability to fast track through this year’s Application Form.

Q10. What will I need to apply?

The amount of information you need to provide in your application depends on whether you were a member of our 2019 Loyalty Scheme, however ALL applicants will need to provide the following evidence / information:

  • Your 2020 Weekend Ticket REFERENCE NUMBER
  • The name of the TICKET AGENT used to purchase your 2020 Weekend Ticket
  • The NAME of the person who booked your 2020 Weekend Ticket

If you were not accepted into last year’s Loyalty Scheme, or have never applied before, you will also need to provide the above information for each year you wish to apply for.

Note: You should only apply for years that you have ALL the above information for, otherwise your 2020 Application is likely to be unsuccessful.

Q11. I was accepted into the 2019 Loyalty Scheme, how do I Fast Track through this year’s Application Form?

If you applied, and were accepted into last year’s Loyalty Scheme this year you will have the ability to fast track through this year’s Application Form.

Fast tracking will mean you do not have to re-provide any previous years’ ticket information, however you will still need to provide information relating to your 2020 Weekend Ticket (as stated in Q10).

To Fast track, you will also need to provide the following:

  1. Your 2019 Loyalty ID (See Q12)
  2. The NAME you applied under in 2019
  3. The EMAIL ADDRESS you applied with in 2019

Q12. What is a ‘Loyalty ID’?

If you were accepted into 2019’s Loyalty Scheme, you will have received a Result email which included a QR code to claim your Download Pounds, plus a Loyalty ID.

All Loyalty IDs are unique and will have been displayed as follows: 4 LETTERS, followed by 8 DIGITS, followed by 5 LETTERS (with no spaces).

Note: If you have lost, or are unable to find, your Loyalty ID you will not be able to fast track through the application, and will need to provide evidence for each year you wish to apply for.

Q13. Will you accept any other form of evidence?

No. We can only accept the evidence as stated (Q10/11). All other forms of proof will not be accepted, and will lead to your application form being unsuccessful. We can not accept any of the following:

  • Photos
  • Non-Ticket Reference Numbers – This includes numbers printed on physical tickets or stitched into wristbands (neither of these are ticket reference numbers).
  • Day Ticket reference numbers

Q14. What is a Reference Number, and what should it look like?

When you purchase a Weekend Ticket to Download Festival you are given a reference number. In some cases this will be referred to as an ‘order number’.

The way your Weekend Ticket Reference Number appears will vary depending on the Ticket Agent you purchased your ticket from. For examples of what these will look like please see below:

  • Ticketmaster / Frontgate:  ######### [8-10 digits] or ##-#####/UK#
  • Big Green Coach:  BGC0000000 [BGC followed by 7 digits]
  • SEE Tickets:  ######## [8 digits]
  • Pollen / VERVE / Street Team:  ######## [8 digits] or a long string of hyphens, numbers and letters
  • Ticket Factory: ####### [7 digits] or ######## [8 digits]
  • Gigantic: ####-####-#### [4 digits – 4 digits – 4 digits]
  • Festicket: [between 5 -7 digits]
  • Skiddle: ######-######-#### [6 digits – 6 digits – 4 digits]
  • Stargreen: ######### [9 digits]
  • Eventim: ########## [10 digits]
  • Pink Moon: ######## [8 digits] or ##-#####/UK#
  • VIP Nation: ######## [8 digits] or ##-#####/UK#

Note: It is important you provide your Reference Numbers exactly as they appear in your confirmation email / account. Our system will not be able to recognise incomplete / incorrect References Numbers, and result in your application being unsuccessful.

Q15. Where can I find my Weekend Ticket Reference Numbers?

Your 2020 Weekend Ticket reference number can be found from two locations:

  1. In your Online Account with the Ticket Agent used to purchase the ticket
  2. In the automatic Confirmation Email you received when purchasing your ticket

All previous Weekend Ticket Reference Numbers can be found the same way.

Note: If you can not find a Reference Number, or are unable to access your online account with a Ticket Agent, you must contact the Ticket Agent you purchased from directly. Download Festival / Festival Republic do not store, and will not be able to provide you with this information.

Q16. One or more of my Download Weekend Tickets were a gift. Can I still apply?

Yes. However, you will still need to provide the same information on the application form. You may have to ask the person who booked the ticket for some of this information (See Q10).

Q17. My ticket was part of a group booking. Can I still apply?

YES. However, the same applies as if the ticket were a gift (see Q16). The only difference is that you will have only ONE ticket reference number for all tickets purchased in that group booking.

This ONE ticket reference number can be used for each person who received a ticket as part of that group booking. This reference number (along with all reference numbers) will be sent off to be checked with the Ticket Agent.

Note: If the number of people applying with this reference number exceeds the number of tickets purchased in that group booking ALL applications using that Reference Number will be rejected.

Q18. I purchased my ticket at the Box Office onsite, or in a physical ticket shop, and didn’t receive a ticket reference number. Can I still apply?

Yes. Send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll advise you further. Please make sure you allow enough time for us to get back to you, and for yourself to fill in the necessary forms before the application deadline (31st March).

Q19. Can I apply more than once per year?

No. You can only apply once per year. Those caught applying more than once will be rejected from this year’s Loyalty Scheme and banned from future Loyalty Schemes.

Q20. Can I apply on behalf of a friend / family member?

No. You may assist someone else with their application, but each person who wishes to be a member of this year’s Loyalty Scheme must submit an individual application under their own name.

Each person accepted into the Download Loyalty Scheme will need to provide Photo ID to collect their vouchers, once at Download. You can not collect vouchers on the behalf or someone else (unless specified – See Q37).

Q21. I am unable to submit my application, as it says my email address has already been used.

To submit an application form we require an email address – this is where we’ll send your Application Result. An email address can only be submitted once, and can not be reused, therefore we ask that everyone who wishes to apply use their own email address (no shared accounts).

A unique email check is also in place to prevent multiple applications by one person. If you realise you have made a mistake on an application, you will be given the opportunity to reapply (on first attempt). DO NOT resubmit an application with a different, owned, email address, as this may result in both applications being rejected.

If your email address has been used, but you have not yet submitted an Application Form please contact us during the Loyalty Inbox opening times (See Q22).

Q22. Can I contact you if I have a problem with my application?

Yes. You can contact the Loyalty Team via email ([email protected]) between the following dates:

  • Monday 3rd Feb – Tuesday 31st March – For application queries ONLY
  • Monday 4th May – Friday 15th May – For missing Result email & re-submission queries (only)

Note: All emails received between the above dates will receive a reply. Please be patient, we aim to respond within 5 working days. Due to the high volume of emails, we cannot reply to emails received outside of the above dates. The Loyalty Inbox will not be monitored during weekends or bank holidays.

Q23. Why do I need to own a 2020 Weekend Ticket to apply? I’m 100% going but can’t purchase a ticket until after the application deadline.

The Reference Number for your Download 2020 Weekend Ticket is required for the first stage of our application process. This is part of how we verify if you’re eligible to be a member of this year’s Scheme.

As previously explained, our Loyalty Scheme is only open to those who have, and who have in previous years, purchased a full price Weekend Ticket to Download Festival.

Unfortunately, we are unable to extend the Scheme to Day Ticket or Child Ticket holders, as well as those with complimentary PA and Carer Tickets. Tickets purchased from secondary ticketing sites such as Viagogo, GetMeIn or StubHub are also not valid.

The deadline of Tuesday 31st March has been set to allow plenty of time for the next stage of the process after applications close. (See Q24).

5. Post-Application Submission

Q24. I’ve submitted my application. What happens next?

Once you submit your application you will be sent an automatic confirmation email stating that we have received your Application Form, plus a copy of the information you have provided.

We will then send your submitted information to our Ticket Agents where they will then check your Reference Numbers against their records (to make sure they’re valid).

All applications received before the deadline of 11.59pm on Tuesday 31st March will then receive a result email on Tuesday 15th May. If successful, and everything checks out, your Result Email will contain a QR code and next steps to redeem your Download Pounds. If unsuccessful you will be given the opportunity to re-apply.

Q25. I’ve noticed a mistake on my application. Can you change it for me?

Unfortunately we are unable to amend any information on your application once it’s been submitted. However, if you submit an application before the deadline, and are unsuccessful, you will get the chance to re-apply (once).

Q26. I didn’t receive a confirmation email after submitting my application.

A confirmation email is automatically sent in response to you clicking ‘Submit’ on the Application Form. This will have been sent to the email address you provided (and verified) within the form.

If you can not find it in your Inbox, please check your Junk/Spam folders and give it a couple of days to arrive. Your Inbox might be full, or your email host’s spam filters are taking longer to decide whether to pass it to your inbox.

In rare cases, this can mean your Application Form was not submitted correctly. In this case, please go back and apply again making sure you click the ‘Submit’ button on the last page of the form.

Q27. I received a Result email, but my application was unsuccessful. Why?

We are not able to determine the reason why an application was unsuccessful on a case-by-case basis; however, your result email should state the most likely reason. The main reasons for applications being unsuccessful are:

  • One (or more) of the reference numbers provided did not match with the Ticket Agent/s stated.
  • A number provided was not a valid Weekend Ticket reference number
  • Weekend Ticket Reference Numbers provided were incorrect or incomplete
  • Duplicate years / Reference Numbers were submitted

Q28. I applied (and got a confirmation email) but haven’t received a Result email.

All applications received before the deadline of 11.59pm on March 31st, and generated an automatic confirmation email, will have been sent a Result Email. If this did not arrive in your Inbox, please check your Junk/Spam folders searching ‘Loyalty Result’.

If you still can’t find your result email after 24hrs, please contact us via email during the Loyalty Inbox opening times (See Q22).

Q29. I reapplied after originally being unsuccessful, although I haven’t received a second Result Email.

We can only reply to those who have been successful on re-applying. If you have not received a Result email for your re-submitted application, please first check your Junk/Spam mail (searching ‘Loyalty Result’), if still nothing please assume your application was unsuccessful.

Note: You will need a QR code to collect your Download Pounds at Download. These can only be generated in advance via email. If you do not receive a Result email with a QR Code prior to arriving at Download, please do not visit the Loyalty Cabin as our Loyalty Team will be unable to help.

Q30. I applied with a friend/partner/family member. They were issued a voucher but I’m still waiting for my Result email.

As stated previously, all applications had to be made individually using your own email address. One QR Code will be issued per application, and only one application should be submitted per person.

6. At Download (Collection/Spending)

31. I’ve received a successful Result email, how do I get my Download Pounds?

Embedded within your Result email will be a QR code, once at Download you will need to bring this to the Loyalty Cabin and join the queue with matches the value of Download Pounds you’ve been rewarded (e.g. if rewarded £20 – Join the £20 queue).

Next, show your unique QR Code to the Loyalty Team at the cabin. This can either be on a mobile device (ideally, to save paper) or printed out. You must also bring valid, Photo ID (See Q35).

  • If printing – To display a printer friendly version of the email, make sure to view the email in your web browser first then print (‘CTRL-P’).
  • If displaying on mobile – Please make sure your screen is uncracked and you have enough battery to turn the brightness up fully (for scanning), and you have 4G/Wifi to load the email before arriving at the Loyalty Cabin.

We will then match your Photo ID with your face, and the information embedded within your unique QR Code with our system. If everything checks out we will then hand over your Download Pounds to the amount specified.

32. What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a machine scannable image that works in the same way as a barcode. Your QR code will contain specific information about you, including your Name, the amount you’ve been rewarded, and your Loyalty ID. It will look something like this:

QR Code

 Your unique QR Code can only be scanned once, in exchange for vouchers. Once it has been scanned it will instantly become void, and not accepted in our system.

Q33. Where is the Loyalty Cabin?

The Loyalty Cabin is located in the Main Arena. For 2020 the Loyalty Cabin will be located on your right as you enter through Arena Entrance gates – Opposite side to where it’s been located in previous years.

Note: Please check the Arena Map for the exact location (once available).

Q34. What are the Loyalty Cabin opening times?

The Loyalty Cabin will open at the same time as the Main Arena each day, and will remain open during the following times:

  • Friday: 10am – 6pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 1pm
  • Sunday: 10am – 1pm

Although fast moving, we anticipate there to be lengthy queues to collect vouchers throughout Friday. To avoid or minimise queuing, we recommend visiting during either Saturday or Sunday opening hours.

Note: Opening times are TBC and subject to change (i.e. if there are delays opening the Main Arena). Correct opening times will also be displayed at the Loyalty Cabin.

Q35. What types of Photo ID will you accept?

We will accept the following types of Photo ID:

  • Valid Passport (photocopies will be accepted)
  • Full or provisional photo card driving licence issued by the DVLA for UK/EU customers (any photo card driving licences issued between 1998 and 2007 will need a second form of ID)
  • Citizen card
  • PASS Card
  • Valid UK card bearing PASS hologram
  • Military ID

Note: Credit/ debit cards are NOT valid forms of ID, as a photo is required.

Q36. What should i do if my name has changed since applying?

You can provide an old / expired form of valid Photo ID, however please make sure the name on your (old) ID matches the name on your Application Form, and the photo matches your face.

Q37. Can someone I know collect my vouchers for me?

No. You must collect your vouchers yourself. You will need a Photo ID to collect your vouchers, which must match both your face and the information embedded within your unique QR Code.

Note: Carers/PAs can collect vouchers on behalf of those unable to reach the Loyalty Cabin themselves. To do this they must bring that persons’ Photo ID, QR Code and be wearing a PA/Carer wristband.

Q38. Where can I spend my Download Pounds?

Download Pounds can only be spent at the following locations in the Main Arena:

  • Official merchandise stands on Download Festival branded merch only. Download Pounds are not redeemable against band / artist merch.
  • Main Bars in the Arena only. This does not include speciality bars such as Rocktail Cocktail, The Danish Quarter, Bulleit Bar etc.

Note: Download Pounds are not redeemable at any food stalls, or anywhere outside of the Main Arena perimeter at Download Festival.

Q39. Will I receive change from my Download Pounds?

No. Download Pounds come in multiples of £5, and no change will be given.

For example, if an item costs £9, and you pay with £10 worth of Download Pounds, you will lose the £1 difference (it will not be given in change). Equally, if the item costs £6, you can pay £5 in Download Pounds and pay the difference in real money (£1).

Note: The £2 cup deposit scheme is not included, and you must pay for this in real money.

Q40. I’m not coming to Download 2020 anymore. Can I give my QR code to a friend?

No. QR Codes are unique to the person who applied and are non-transferable. These can only be exchanged at the Loyalty Cabin by the person who originally received it.

Q41. I have unspent vouchers from a previous Download Festival. Can I use them this year?

No. As stated in our Download Pounds T&Cs (coming soon), vouchers are non-transferable and expire as tender when the Main Arena closes on Sunday each year.

Q42. What if I don’t spend all my vouchers at Download 2020? Can I use them at Download 2021?

No. Download Pounds do not carry over for future years. If you do not use them at this year’s festival, they will expire as tender and become void.

7. Application Form

You can apply now for the Download 2020 Loyalty Scheme. Before you apply, please ensure you’ve read the above FAQ.

8. Loyalty Scheme Terms and Conditions

These Terms and conditions (T&Cs) incorporate, and should be read together with the 2020 Download Loyalty FAQ, Voucher T&Cs or festival regulations, which you can obtain from the Festival website before the event.

a)    Applications for the Download 2020 Loyalty Scheme must be made through our online Application Form in full and within the timeline specified in our FAQ.

b) Everyone who wishes to be a member of the Download 2020 Loyalty Scheme must complete and submit an Application Form.

c) Only customers who hold valid full price, adult Download Festival (UK) 2020 Weekend Tickets, and can provide valid proof of purchase/order as outlined in the application form, will be accepted.

d) We can only accept applications made for adult, full priced Download Festival Weekend Tickets (3-5 Days) between 2012 – 2020.

e) All applicants must adhere to the Download 2020 Loyalty Scheme timeline for submitting applications, and contacting us regarding queries related to their application. This can be found in the 2020 Loyalty Scheme FAQ.

f) All applications need to be made individually (one per person).

g) All applicants must be above 13 years of age (at the time of Download 2020).

h) Valid photo ID must be provided to collect Download Pounds (vouchers) and match the name submitted with a 2020 Download Loyalty Scheme application form. Credit/Debit cards are not a valid form of ID.