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5 Most Moshable Biffy Clyro Tracks

The mighty Biffy Clyro have just dropped their latest album, ‘A Celebration Of Endings’! MON THE BIFF.

To get you psyched for their #DL2021 headline set, here’s the 5 Most Moshable Biffy Tracks.

‘living is a problem because everything dies’

Taken from their third album ‘Puzzle’, ‘Living Is A Problem…’ remains one of Biffy’s best tracks. It’s no surprise, then, that it remains a mainstay in their setlist today, despite being released in 2007. It’s 5 minutes and 19 seconds of pure rock goodness. And who can forget THAT intro?


The first single from the aforementioned ‘Puzzle’, things get pretty heavy on ‘Semi-Mental’. Simon Neil told Kerrang! that “this is our most straight-up rock song. It’s about trying to numb the pain when you’re feeling so sad – when you hurt so much you need an escape. Everyone has a different way of escaping.”

‘that golden rule’

Another regular in Biffy’s setlists, ‘That Golden Rule’ was the second single from ‘Only Revolutions’. The band said that the song sounds “like Kyuss and Tool playing with some Scottish freaks screaming over the top of it” – and frankly, that about sums it up.

‘end of’

If you’re missing early Biffy’s math-rock vibes, then ‘End Of’ is the track for you. Taken from their latest album ‘A Celebration Of Endings’ (which is out NOW, in case you’d forgotten), the song was described by Kerrang! as “brilliant”, “explosive” and “absolutely glorious”. What you waiting for?! Stream it below.

‘who’s got a match?’

We challenge you not to get your pogo on when the riff from ‘Who’s Got A Match?’ kicks in. That huge singalong chorus was just MADE for festival crowds, so fingers crossed it’ll make an appearance in their Download set next year. The video below gives a hint of what you can expect from a Biffy live show – start getting excited. \m/

Biffy Clyro will headline Download 2021 on 4th-6th June in Donington Park, along with KISS and System Of A Down. Tickets are on sale now.