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7 Things We Learned at Download 2018

This year’s Download Festival at Donington Park was one that we’ll never forget. Whilst there were many memories we took away with us this June, we’ve narrowed it down to a heavenly 7 Things That We Learned at Download 2018.

1. There’s no such thing as too much pyro

Parkway Drive may have claimed the throne this year when it comes to the best pyro, so much so we thought Winston McCall had caught on fire. Who says there’s such a thing as too much pyro?

Parkway Drive

2. Every sets needs an Iconic cover version

We all love an unexpected cover even if some of us don’t like to admit it. This year, everyone from Cancer Bats to Marilyn Mason was dropping a cover in their set. Guns N’ Roses got the award for most covers as they went all out and blew our minds with tracks by The Misfits, Velvet Revolver, The Who, Bob Dylan, The Damned and more.






3. The Fever 333 was the ultimate secret set

Metallica’s secret set at the first Download way back in 2003 set the mark high for unforgettable secret sets. This year The Fever 333 made sure their secret set was as equally legendary. From the powerful opener of black hooded figures with their fists in the air to Jason Butler scaling the rigging, the energy never dropped.

The Fever 333

4. The sun was LIFE

All Downloaders know that sometimes, try as we might, none of us can control the brilliant British Weather. This year however was a completely different story as the sun shined down on us all for the entire weekend and Donington became paradise city. Despite a few dodgy tan lines, we LOVED it.

Main Stage

5. At #DL2018 you dress to impress

Artists and fans alike know Download is not a festival where people dress subtly. We lived for the effort Downloaders took for our super villain fancy dress theme, even if Marilyn Manson tried to steal the show in that outrageous feather coat, and couldn’t get enough of In This Moment singer Maria Brink’s costumes.

Fancy dress

6. The Download Dog takes many forms

Our beloved canine is always watching over you at Download. From the fresh ink at Old Sarum Tattoo’s, to the huge metal head or hanging out with Andy Copping on the Main Stage – the Download dog is never far away.

Download Dog

7. you don’t need a guitar to rock

In the Sindrome in the UK Air Guitar Championship many dramatic moves and poses that would make Freddie Mercury weep with envy were unleashed on the crowd of unsuspecting Downloaders. Alas, their could only be one winner and Sven Spandex was crowned the winner.

Air Guiar

Make more unforgettable memories when Download Festival 2019 returns to Donington Park on 14th-16th June 2019.