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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Paul Stanley

The legendary frontman of KISS, Paul Stanley, turns 70 today! Happy birthday to The Starchild! To celebrate, here’s 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Paul Stanley.

(Of course, if you’re a die hard member of the KISS Army, you might know these. Let us know on socials!)

1. Paul Came Up With The Name ‘KISS’!

That’s right, ‘KISS’ was all Paul’s idea. He was driving around NYC with Gene Simmons and original drummer Peter Criss, who mentioned he’d played in a band called ‘Lips’. Paul was struck by inspiration and said “What about KISS?”. Well, it certainly beats ‘The Crimson Harpoon’, which was also one of the names in the running.

2. He Drew The Now iconic – And Imperfect – Logo

While the KISS logo with its lightning bolt S’s was originally designed by former guitarist Ace Frehley, the design you see now was drawn by Paul with a Sharpie and a ruler. Because he did it by eye, the two lightning bolts aren’t quite the same. “When we got our record deal, the art department asked if we wanted it to be redrafted to be perfect and I said, ‘It got us this far, let’s leave well enough alone”, Paul told The Huffington Post.

3. He Briefly Abandoned ‘Starchild’ In Favour Of ‘The Bandit’

Paul once hung up his infamous Starchild make up in favour of a new persona, The Bandit. It featured a ‘Lone Ranger’ style mask pattern with diamond shaped eye holes. Thankfully this was only used for a few shows back in the 70’s, before he went back to being The Starchild we all know and love!

He told Guitar World back in the 90’s: “Each of us wears something that reflects who we are. I always loved stars and always identified with them – so, when it came time to put something on my face, I knew it would be a star.”

4. He’s Deaf In One Ear

Paul was born with a condition called Level 3 Microtia making him deaf in his right ear. He had surgery back in 1982, using cartilage from his ribs to reconstruct his ear, but still can’t hear normally. But it clearly doesn’t affect his ability to rock out: “I hear music the way I hear it. It’s normal to me, but it’s not the way you hear music.” he says in an interview on his website.

Because of his condition, he’s also an ambassador for Canadian charity AboutFace, providing support to people with facial differencees.

5. He’s also a painter

A keen artist, when he’s not on stage with KISS you can find Paul painting various portraits, abstracts and sculptures. Having studied at the High School Of Music & Art in New York City, his works have been exhibited in galleries across the USA – and some have sold for up to $80,000.. You can find examples of his art over on his website.

6. He Also Plays IN A Soul Band

Paul Stanley’s Soul Station is the title of Paul’s side project. Their debut album ‘Now And Then’ was released last year, and there’s no KISS style rock and roll in sight. Instead, the album consists of covers of classic soul and motown songs – like Smokey Robinson’s ‘The Tracks Of My Tears’ – as well as five original tracks written by Paul. It might not be Download material, but we have to say it’s pretty darn good.

7. He Had A Song Feature In A South Park Episode

Remember THAT South Park episode where the boys get addicted to World Of Warcraft? The one that won an Emmy?! It’s Paul’s song, ‘Live To Win’, taken from his solo album of the same name, that features in the background when the kids are trying to level up. In fact, the track actually aired in the show before the album had even been released.

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