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All The Times Parkway Drive Have Amazed Us

One of the most brutal bands coming to Download 2018, Parkway Drive bring the mosh harder than most could dream. Their on-stage presence is unrivalled, and that’s why we can’t wait to see them at Download 2018.

To whet our appetite, we took a look at the times Parkway have shown up to Donington Park and tore it apart.


This was Parkway Drive’s first year at Download. From these two videos you can see how the band drew in a bigger crowd through the set and turned many Downloaders into new fans.

At this point, ‘Killing With A Smile’ and ‘Horizons’ had been released and were ringing through our ears. What we were about to hear on ‘Deep Blue’, however, we were not expecting!


Fast forward 4 years and ‘Deep Blue’ had us hooked. We were officially a nation captivated by Parkway Drive. They had become a huge crowd puller and reason for everyone to party harder than ever before.

We dare you to watch this video and not get goosebumps… holy crap – what a show!



By now, Parkway Drive had become a staple in our diet of heavier-than-anything, dream riff utopia. Their fifth album ‘Ire’ had blown us all away with its game-changing sound which brought metalcore to the forefront of rock.



We simply can’t wait to see the next stage of Parkway Drive’s incredible live performance at Download 2018. They’ve been amazing over the years and their live show is only going to get bigger!