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6 Christmas Horror Films You Have to Watch

If a random dude in a red suit coming down the chimney to munch your mince pies wasn’t enough to frighten you this festive season, the Download Dog has got 6 Christmas Horror Films You Have To Watch to scare you witless.

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1. Black Christmas (1974)

What’s it about?

Jess and her sorority sisters are having a boozy Christmas party when they’re interrupted by a crank caller screeching obscenities that would make Marilyn Manson blush.

One by one the sorority sisters start mysteriously going missing; with only a drunk housemother and her cat, Claude, to protect them you watch as a truly bloody reign of terror by an unseen killer unfolds.

Based on a true story and featuring a hilarious performance by Margot Kidder as Barb, it’s a must see film for all horror fanatics.

Sickest scene

A unicorn ornament being used as a murder weapon

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2. Gremlins (1984)

What’s it about? 

Forget asking for a puppy or kitten for Christmas, this 1984 black comedy classic had us all asking for a mogwai. In the sleepy town of Kingston Falls, lead character Billy is given the unbelievably cute creature by his Dad for Christmas, which he names Gizmo, and is told to remember three unbreakable rules: don’t get it wet, don’t feed it after midnight, don’t expose it to light. What could possibly go wrong?

The rules get broken and Gizmo spawns, the Gremlins – a grizzly gang of green monsters who go on a rampage through the town with only Billy and his friend Kate able to stop it. If Gizmo is you on day one of Download, Gremlins is you on day three.

Sickest scene

The gremlin exploding in the microwave.

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3. Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

What’s it about?

Released the same year as Gremlins and also featuring a lead character called Billy, Silent Night, Deadly Night makes Gremlins look like Home Alone as Santa goes on a gory killing spree.

Billy is traumatised as a child when he witnesses his parents being murdered by a man dressed as Santa. After growing up in an abusive orphanage, a teenage Billy’s starts work in a department store and is made to wear a Santa Claus suit triggering flashbacks of his parent’s death.

Needless to say, Billy snaps and a murderous rampage ensues as he decides who’s been nice or naughty with the help of his trusty axe.

Sickest scene: A bully being decapitated…on a sledge.

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4. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

What’s it about?

Most Downloaders will know this Tim Burton directed stop-motion film word-for-word as it’s a goth Christmas classic. For the uninitiated, you’ll join Jack Skellington – the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown -as he kidnaps Santa Claus and hijacks his role. He has the suit, he has the presents, but things don’t go exactly to plan.

Sickest scene: The Oogie Boogie serenading and tormenting a captured Santa.

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5. Krampus (2015)

What’s it about?

Watching Krampus will have you high-fiving Santas on the street and wearing your Christmas jumper like a second skin for all of advent. Not because it’s a feel-good Christmas film, but because you’ll be terrified of inciting the wrath of Krampus – a horned beast demon who punishes the non-believers and the naughty.

Watch as the dysfunctional Engels family, starring Adam Scott as the Dad, are hunted down by Krampus after their youngest son tears up his Christmas list and loses his festive faith.

Sickest scene: Krampus and grandma having a staring match.

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6. Await Further Instructions (2018)

What’s it about?

‘Stay indoors and wait further instructions’. The already in turmoil Milgram family  awake on Christmas day to find this message on their TV screen, and their house encased in a black substance that prevents them from leaving.

Panic and paranoia erupt as the messages on the TV become more alarming and the family turn on each other in this butt-clenchingly tense sci-fi horror.

Sickest Scene: The mother’s eerie rendition of Ding Dong Merrily On High as the family throttle each other.

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