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Bring your friends to Download Festival and earn free tickets and experiences

By joining the Dog Pack, you’ll be in with a chance of gaining side of stage access and more.


We’re glad you asked, it’s easy!

You’ll earn points for every ticket that you sell to your friends, and you know what points mean? Prizes.

You can use these points to redeem rewards in a shop within your ambassador dashboard. The more points you earn, the more rewards you can rack up; there’s everything from Download tickets to merchandise credit and side of stage access for you and a friend.

Selling to your mates is easy, and ensures you get a one way ticket to Paradise City. Here’s how:

1. Click on ‘start selling’ from your ambassador account

2. Select a ticket type and the number of tickets you want to sell to your friend

3. Enter your friend’s name, email address and phone number to send them an invitation to buy a ticket from you

Join the Dog Pack now and in the words of Ozzy…