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Play As Download Dog In Iron Maiden’s Legacy Of The Beast Game!

Have you played Iron Maiden’s Legacy Of The Beast mobile game yet? We’re all hooked here at Download HQ. Especially Download Dog, which is why he’s super hyped about this news…

Download Dog is now a playable character in Legacy Of The Beast!

If you’ve not played Legacy Of The Beast, we recommend you get on it if you’re a Maiden fan. It’s a free to play mobile RPG, where you explore awesome worlds inspired by Iron Maiden’s imagery and music. There’s a killer soundtrack featuring original songs, and you can play as the band’s iconic mascot, Eddie. And now the game just got even better, because from now until the end of August, you’ll be able to download a free pack of new characters, including Download Dog himself!

Be part of the Legacy and download the game now.

legacy of the beast