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Download Monopoly is available to buy now!

Do you love classic board games? Do you love Download? You’re in for an early Christmas surprise as we’re hyped to bring you…DOWNLOAD MONOPOLY!

Set in the spiritual grounds of Donington Park, you can play with your mates to headline the Main Stage, hang out in WWE NXT Arena or if you’re unlucky go straight to jail.

Order Download Monopoly today and get it in time for Chrimbo.

What’s Download Monopoly?

Remember the Monopoly you used to play as a kid? Well, Download Monopoly is exactly the same apart from it’s set in the awesome grounds of Donington Park. Forget Mayfair we’ve got the DL Main Stage, baby.


How does it work?

Download Monopoly has the same rules as traditional Monopoly. You can buy up property with Monopoly money from the high value Zippo Encore Stage to the less pricey Metal Den. Forget the electricity and gas board, in Download Monopoly you can snap up the Merch Stand or an RIP upgrade.

I need this in my life

Order Download Monopoly  now for just £35! All orders will be sent out after 17th December.