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Download’s Commitment to the Environment

It’s World Earth Day!

We’re always working to minimise our impact on the environment whilst we rock out at Donington. Check out what we’re doing to stay eco-friendly below.

creative green certification

Since 2016, Download has participated in the Creative Green Certification. This is an external assessment run by Julie’s Bicycle, a charity who support the creative industries to act on climate change. It measures our understanding, commitment and improvement towards environmental sustainability. In 2019 we achieved an awesome four out of five stars for the third year in a row!


reducing emissions

We know we’ve all gotta act now to prevent further damage to the planet. That’s why Download has committed to reducing our carbon emissions by 50% by the year 2030. To do this, we’ve been working on reducing use of fossil fuels where possible, and sourcing low carbon and renewable energy to power the festival.


eliminating single use plastic

The world has seen the impacts of plastic pollution on our oceans – turtles eating plastic, seabirds feeding plastic to chicks and now studies show microplastics in UK rivers are harming wildlife and polluting our oceans. Not cool. So we’re planning for Download 2022 to be our first festival FREE of single use plastic! Our awesome reusable Download branded cups are way better than those disposable ones anyway.



In order to minimise the amount of waste that goes to landfill, we’ve got a three bin system going on in the arena and the campsites.

COMPOST – When you buy food from the traders, everything your food comes in is compostable! So drop your plates, cutlery and napkins in the compost bin, along with the food scraps.

RECYCLE – This is where you can put plastic bottles, beer cans, newspapers and magazines, and cardboard.

GENERAL – For everything else! There should be minimal left overs going in general waste.



Want an environmentally conscious Download experience? Why not stay in our popular Greenpeace Eco-Camp?

It’s a campsite for Downloaders who value spending five glorious days in the great outdoors and respecting the environment just as much as rocking out to their favorite bands. In the Greenpeace Eco-Camp you can meet like-minded people and take part in morning yoga sessions, nature walks and talks on all things Eco. It’s a community within a community where everyone is committed to keeping their camp clean and recycling is second nature.

Eco Camp

Download are aiming to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, and end the sale of single-use plastics at Download next year. You can find out more about these goals in our Sustainability Charter.

Download is a part of the Music Declares Emergency movement.