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Essential Tracks: Deftones

The mighty Deftones will make their return to Donington in June!

If you’re not familiar with their impressive discography, here’s their Essential Tracks to get you started.

‘My Own Summer (Shove IT)’

You know that riff as soon as you hear it. Despite not charting in the US, ‘My Own Summer (Shove It)’ is one of the band’s most successful songs – it reached the top 30 in the UK. Frontman Chino Moreno wrote the song with his windows boarded over with tin foil to avoid the sun, during a hot Seattle summer in 1994. Kerrang! named it the greatest Deftones song in 2020.

Find it on: ‘Around The Fur’, 1997

‘Diamond Eyes’

The title track from 2010’s ‘Diamond Eyes’ was also the first song released without bassist Chi Cheng, after the tragic car accident that shocked us all in 2008. That breakdown at the end has us headbanging every time.

Find it on: ‘Diamond Eyes’, 2010

‘Be Quiet And Drive (far Away)’

Shoegaze meets nu-metal: the second single from ‘Around The Fur’, ‘Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)’ was the band’s first track to chart in the US, making the top 30 on Billboard’s rock chart. The video was directed by famed US photographer Frank W. Ockenfels III, known for his portraits of the likes of Kurt Cobain and David Bowie.

Find it on: ‘Around The Fur’, 1997

‘Rocket Skates’

Who could forget that blistering riff? Who could forget Chino’s unmistakeable screech of ‘GUNS! RAZORS! KNIVES!’?! Nobody. This is, arguably, Deftones’ at their heaviest, and continues to be a mainstay in their setlist. Limber up for the pit.

Find it on: ‘Diamond Eyes’, 2010

‘Change (In The House Of Flies)’

Certainly Deftones’ biggest song in terms of commercial success, ‘Change (In The House Of Flies)’ reached No. 3 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart. Chino Moreno told MTV Europe that it was written in just 30 minutes: “Everybody joined in, and in half an hour we had a song,” he said. Taken from the groundbreaking album ‘White Pony’, it’s a bonafide nu-metal classic.

Find it on: ‘White Pony’, 2000

Deftones will play Download Festival 2022 along with headliners KISSIron Maiden and Biffy Clyro! It takes place on 10th-12th June in Donington Park. Tickets are on sale now.