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Fan Focus: Andy McDonald


Andy McDonald



Favourite image taken at Download:

The picture below of me chatting to Andy Copping in 2010.


How many times have you attended Download?

Eleven in a row! It’s like a second home at this point.

Best live set you’ve seen at Download?

Tough question! There have been so many different kinds of bands that have put on terrific performances – Aerosmith, The Wildhearts, System Of A Down, The King Blues, Kiss and Black Sabbath all spring to mind. Iron Maiden are one of my earliest favourite bands, though, and seeing them close my first Download in 2007 was very special. They’re one of the quintessential Donington bands and they smash it every time.

What’s your favourite memory from Download Festival?

My band Cyster Scalpel got to play the Boardie Takeover in 2010. I remember walking up to the stage from the campsite and I could hear ‘Hells Bells’ by AC/DC coming from somewhere – that really tense, foreboding intro riff. The set went great from what I remember, but any time I hear that song I get a nervy stomach!

If you could sum up your Download experiences in a lyric, what would it be?

“It’s still the place where we can go to get away from real life and real agony” – ‘Nothing’ by Skid Row

Is there anyone you’ve met at DL who’s become an important part of your life?

I’ve been a member of the Download Forums since before my first time, and I’ve met so many great people from that who I look forward to catching up with every year. Some of them have become my dearest friends. Seeing them is just as important as the bands for me!

Top tip for anyone attending Download for the first time?

Go out and explore the festival and campsites and chat to people – it’s a friendly place full of folk who are there to have a good time and it’s the people who make it special.

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