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Get To Know: The Pink Slips

Seattle’s The Pink Slips are one of the freshest talents on the line up for Download 2018. A raw mix of synth punk, pop-punk, dance, reggae and rock ‘n’ roll, the band present a youthful middle-finger to the world.


If you joined us at Download 2015, The Pink Slips might sound familiar to you, and you’d be right! They tore up Jake’s Stage at the festival just 2 years ago. Grave McKagan alongside keyboardist Trent Peltz, drummer Keenan Bevans, guitarist Desi Skaglione and bassist Charlie Anastasis – are an almighty force of punk rock, artistic expression. You probably noticed GRAVE’s surname is the same as a certain bassist from Guns N’ Roses. That’s because rock runs in their blood, GRAVE is Duff’s daughter.

Their Style Of Punk

Their debut EP, ‘Say L’or Venus’, offers a colourful selection of angsty synth punk throes, addled with synths and a riot grrl attitude. Meanwhile, their latest two singles ‘Gimme’ and ‘I’m Ready’ are an outpour of punk art fury.

What makes them stand out is their no-f***s given attitude and presence. Seeing the band live, you’ll witness GRAVE bounce around, or writhing across the floor of the stage. Their performance is as much an artistic performance as it is a rock ‘n’ roll gig.

Social Dismissal

It makes sense; the band’s name taken from the exit slip you’re given when you’re fired from your job. The theme is concise with their message of being the underdog; their lyrics often hang off the idea of celebrating who you are as an individual – rather than in context of the rest of society. And that is a message that everyone here at Download can get behind.

While they’ve seemingly gained a lot of notice in the rock world, the band have only been together four years. Their 6-track debut EP has given them traction, and the synth punk band have promised to release new material this year. Safe to say, we’re waiting with intrigue. Long live synth punk! \M/

Bring on Download 2018!