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We all know Gn’R are one of the greatest rock bands of all time – but why is it exactly that we all love them so much? Read on to find out what makes us all so obsessed…


They all shred

The pure velocity of talent within Guns N’ Roses is remarkable. Take one of the world’s greatest rock vocalists, the most iconic hard rock guitarist and a fantastically intricate bassist. Together, Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan are just three members of the biggest rock band that ever existed. They’re purely – and indisputably – a gang of extremely talented rock musicians, and they’re back to perform with this newly reformed, perfect line up at Download 2018.


Their songs have stood the test of time

When did you ever hear ‘Paradise City’ and not instantly smell freshly cut grass, feel a breeze running through your hair and the light within you rise up? While the band have been noted for their recklessness and party-to-destruction lifestyle, the songs themselves will live on for generations. ‘Appetite For Destruction’ sounds as fresh now as it did when it was released in the summer of 1987, while ‘Use Your Illusion I’ is still considered one the best rock albums released.

They are the ultimate rebel band

While we wouldn’t recommend it (or condone such actions), they taught the rest of the world what being a real rock star was. Spearheaded by Axl’s fiery personality, Gn’R have forever carried an excitement with them. You don’t wanna get in their way or they’ll have your head off – or that’s what it feels like anyway. As buzzing as we are to watch them perform some of the greatest rock songs ever written, it’s their audacious, louder-than-life charisma that puts them at the top of everyone’s ‘Ultimate Rock Bands’ list.


They’re the heaviest band with the biggest ballads

Who else can have the wild ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ and the glorious ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ on the same record – or even ‘Right Next Door To Hell’ on the same release as ‘November Rain’? Gn’R albums do both the hard and the soft – and they do it better than anyone else.


They’re at home on the Main Stage

Everyone has to see Gn’R once – we’ve all said it, we all know it. Why? Because they bring to a stage what no other band can. While we’ve already discussed how incredibly touching their songs can be, it’s the air of dignified recklessness which they will bring to the Main Stage that has to be felt to be believed. The environment of their live show is nothing less than voltaic. There is simply nothing like it. And for that reason, they are the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world.