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Interview: Creeper

We’ve had Creeper‘s new EP ‘American Noir’ on repeat since it came out. Anyone else?!

We chatted to frontman Will Gould about the stories behind it, and what it was like to play the Download Pilot.

You’ve just dropped your new EP ‘American Noir’. How does this continue the story from ‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void’?

The story is basically concluded with ‘American Noir’s release. It ties the themes and the narrative up in appropriate melancholic fashion! Roe (our lead character) has died, and Annabelle is left to deal with that heartbreak.

Does the story of Roe and Annabelle end here? Or will we return to Calvary Falls in future music?

The story of Calvary Falls and the events that took place there has now come to a close with the release of this EP. Though I’d be interested in taking the story into a different medium, there will never be any more records in that place.

What inspired the story in the first place?

It was inspired by our travels in America, feelings of isolation and feeling alien in a foreign place. The ‘Hand of God’ plays a big role in the story, as well as fate and destiny along with religious themes that have been a constant in our work.

You’ve said before that a lot of the tracks were actually recorded during the ‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void’ sessions. Did you know then that you would want to release an epilogue?

No not at all actually, we’d imagined they’d exist on a hard drive and left to rot somewhat. Fortunately the global situation allowed us to change our plans.

Do you have a particular favourite song on ‘American Noir’?

I think ‘Midnight’ is one of our most accomplished pieces, also I am particularly fond of ‘Damned and Doomed’. I think Hannah sounds like a goddess on that track.

What was it like playing Download Pilot? 

It was somewhat surreal, part of you wonders whether you’ll remember how to do it! Luckily our audience was so ready for our return to the stage. It was one of the most memorable performances of our career I think.

You’re touring in December, what can we expect from those shows?

December is going to be the most ambitious you will have ever seen Creeper. We are becoming more theatrical, more of an experience than just a band. I really want our shows to be a place where people come to escape their everyday lives. In December we will offer a door into another world for an evening.

Finally, who do you wanna catch at DL22?

Funeral For A Friend – I missed them recently and am desperate to see that original line up.

Creeper will play Download Festival 2022 along with headliners KISSIron Maiden and Biffy Clyro! Get your ticket now for 10th-12th June in Donington Park.