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Interview: The Hu “We want to inspire the younger generation”

At Download 2019 we caught up with Mongolian metallers The Hu before their immense show on The Dogtooth Stage.

Through a translator The Hu shared with us what it was like to go viral with the videos for ‘Yuve Yuve Yu’ and ‘Wolf Totem’, how they were feeling about playing Download 2019 and what you can expect from their upcoming debut album ‘The Gereg’.

What’s it been like being at Download so far?

We’re so honoured to be here at this legendary festival with legendary bands that we’ve grown up listening to.

Which band are you looking forward to seeing the most today?


How are you feeling about playing later today?

We’re so excited because we’ve put so much time and work into our music, not only just the band, but years of personal work and over 25 years of training. We’re so ready and we’re going to show the fans what we can do.

The videos for your first two singles – ‘Yuve Yuve Yu’ and ‘Wolf Totem’ – went viral and have had over 34 million views. How did that feel at the time?

We expected some reaction from the people  but not like this. We put so much hard work into our music videos. Tthe first video [‘Yuve Yuve Yu’] in order to film it we travelled over 5,000 kilometres off road to western Mongolia…We had a lot of experiences, one day we’d be on top of this tall mountain – so tall that there’s snow – the next on a sand dune so high.

We worked hard for it… because people actually have seen our hard work we expected some success, but not this much – the number of views just blew us away.

You’re releasing your debut album ‘The Gereg’ on 13th September. What can fans expect from the album?

There’s nine tracks. There are a lot of important messages on our first album -every song has a message in it.

Overall, we want to inspire the younger generation: we want to inspire them with courage, we want them to feel our energy, be strong and unite together and to do something good for the world.

Have you worked on the album with your longtime producer Dashka?

Of course, he’s always with us and he’s like a member of the band. He’s behind the scenes, but he’s considered as family and he’s even at Download with us today.

The music you’ve released so far has been influenced by both traditional Mongolian music and contemporary metal. What’s influenced your new album?

This is our style, we call our style ‘hunnu rock’. Hunnu is actually ancient Mongolian and is known as ‘The Hunt’ to the western world.  Because of the uniqueness of our music we wanted call it our style, because we combine eastern music with western and old with new. This album is going to be a similar sound, but every song is in this style but will all have different messages.

One song is about how it’s important to respect and honour women, another song is about how it’s important to preserve the nature and beauty of the world and another one is about loving our parents. Some songs are about being a warrior, being strong. There will be a lot of important messages on the album.