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Join The Heavy Metal Truants On A Virtual Bike Ride!

The Heavy Metal Truants will ride again this summer – only this time, it’s virtual, and YOU can take part!

That’s right, you can join the charity cycling legends in The Eighth Of Spades Virtual Ride as they make their 8th annual pilgrimage from London to Donington.

If you weren’t aware, the Heavy Metal Truants were formed in 2013 by ex-Metal Hammer editor Alexander Milas and Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood. Each year they cycle from London to Download to raise money for children’s charities. To date, they’ve raised a whopping £681,500 for Teenage Cancer Trust, Nordoff Robbins and Childline – and this year, they’re adding Save The Children to the list. What legends. \m/

This year, the ride will be going ahead virtually, which means YOU can join in too! You’ll have from June 1st until June 12th to complete at least 175 miles – the distance from London’s Hammersmith to Castle Donington – that you can track with the free Strava app. You can do this on anything with a pedal: regular bikes, exercise bikes, or even hand bikes!

Heavy Metal Truants

“We were heartbroken to see Download Festival cancel, a decision which we of course fully support,” said Milas. “We weren’t happy to sit on the side-lines either, particular when the needs of these charities are now greater than ever, so we got planning – this is the metal way.”

“Metal is all about community,” said Smallwood. “Today we’re calling on that community to help the most vulnerable among in the name of metal and these four incredible children’s charities. On yer bikes!”

All miles must be logged on the Strava app and all riders must register via the Heavy Metal Truants website in order to raise funds. There’s no registration fee, it’s totally free to sign up!