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Everything You Need To Know About KISS’s ‘Sonic Boom’

The legendary KISS have released so many albums that it’s hard to keep count (it’s 24, by the way – we DID count). ‘Sonic Boom’, their 19th album was released on 6th October 2009, which means it’s now celebrating its 10 year anniversary!

Stick the album on, get rocking out to ‘Modern Day Delilah’, and let’s run through Everything You Need To Know About ‘Sonic Boom’. “I still remember when I saw your face across the roooooom…”

it was their first album in 11 years

‘Sonic Boom’ marked the band’s first album since 1998’s ‘Psycho Circus’. Despite the lack of new music, KISS hadn’t been completely quiet for the past decade – quite the contrary. They continued to tour globally, released a new comic book series and video game, appeared on cult sitcom ‘That 70’s Show’ and returned to perform at Download in 2008.

That said, fans were eager for new KISS music after a long 11 year wait – and ‘Sonic Boom’ proved to be a huge hit with fans. It reached number 1 on the US rock chart as well as number 2 on the standard US chart.

the video for ‘modern day delilah’ is, er…. big on personality

Who could forget the video for Sonic Boom’s lead single ‘Modern Day Delilah’? Giant versions of Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric stomp around Detroit. The song made it into other media as well – as a downloadable track in both Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero, and even featured in the animated film ‘Scooby Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery’.

it was their first album to feature tommy thayer

Lead guitarist Tommy Thayer (AKA The Spaceman) officially joined KISS in 2002 – though he’d worked with the band since 1994. Thayer had managed shows such as the KISS MTV Unplugged concert and also worked as an editor and producer on some of their film releases, including 1998’s ‘KISS: The Second Coming’.  In March 2002, he joined KISS on stage for the first time at a private concert in Jamaice – the rest is history.

the tour included a very intimate london show

The Sonic Boom Over Europe tour began in Sheffield in May 2010 – but prior to that, the band played a very special show in March in a venue that’s a wee bit smaller than they’re used to. Just 800 lucky fans squeezed into the tiny Islington Academy in London to see them play their new songs, along with classics like ‘Detroit Rock City’ and ‘Love Gun’. Were you one of the lucky few who managed to bag tickets?!