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The Legend of Babymetal and the Fox God

It’s no secret that the members of Babymetal were chosen by a mysterious deity called the Fox God to be the saviours of metal. But, who is the Fox God? And, what do we know about them so far?

We’ve gathered everything we can find on the mythology surrounding the world of Babymetal. Where do the stories come from? Only the Fox God knows.

the beginning…

Long ago, power idols ruled the Earth. Their power controlled the media, politics and the economy. All music apart from the idols’ songs were banned and metal was seen as harmful.

On 20th December 1997, a legendary idol group played their last show at the Tokyo Dome. On the very same day Su-Metal was born. The Fox God, said: “It is the birth of the new life that transcends the law of nature, and as its cost an old life shall pass away”.

Two years later, Moametal was born. Both Su and Moa went undercover and joined the idol group Sakura Gakuin to prepare for the upcoming Metal Resistance. Meanwhile, metalheads everywhere were praying for metal to return. When the prayers reached the Fox God, he summoned Su and Moa and gave them a new name for a new group – Babymetal – meaning, “the birth of the new metal”.

They were then sent down to this world as an incarnation of the Fox God. And, it was time for the Metal Resistance.

the metal resistance

At Su-Metal’s fifteenth birthday party, Moametal was captured by Snake, one of the powerful idols. Snake suspected that Moametal was part of the Metal Resistance, and said that she would be condemned to death for treason against the idols. Su-Metal stood up to save Moametal with a new song the Fox God had shared with her. That song was ‘Akatsuki‘, which would feature on Babymetal’s debut album.

For the final battle of the holy war, Babymetal approached The Hill of Flying V. The Fox God sent down the gods of guitar, bass and drums to help Babymetal form a formidable and indestructible band – the Kamiband. The band travelled through time and space to gather four metal emblems, which when combined, formed a gateway to the Metal Martial Arts Tournament.

With the power of the Fox God and the Kamiband, Babymetal won the tournament and gained the true Metal. This signalled the end of the first phase of the Metal Resistance.

the chosen seven

Babymetal’s latest album, ‘Metal Galaxy’, launched earlier this year, and with this new era, a new chapter of their story has begun. A video on Babymetal’s YouTube channel tells us:

“Light and darkness. Both are considered to be opposites but at the same time, one cannot exist without the other. Until now, we have only experienced the light side — the legend of three metal spirits. An unknown dark side also exists. A legend of seven metal spirits — The Chosen Seven. A new era is about to begin.”

What could this mean? Who are The Chosen Seven (aside from Su and Moa)? It’s said that answers can be found in Babymetal’s graphic novel, Apocrypha: The Legend Of Babymetal. The book is written by someone known as The Prophet Of The Fox God, so we can only assume he has been entrusted with the truth.