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Why Marilyn Manson Is More Important Now Than Ever

The Antichrist Superstar is making a return – and we just can’t wait. Here’s why we’re ecstatic to see him perform at the home of rock, Donington Park.

He’s Still More Dangerous Than Anyone Else

The most provocative rockstar of them all – Marilyn Manson knows no boundaries. Let’s face it – he’s scary; but there’s something strangely comforting in knowing his act is designed to repel, while it’s clearly a true representation of how he sees himself. There’s something in this mix of fact and fiction that is so addictive, and he’s more exaggerated than anything else we’ve known in the rock world.

His New Album ‘Heaven Upside Down’ Is fantastic

“I write songs to fight and to f*** to,” he sings on “Je$u$ Cri$i$,” from his 10th LP – a line most bands daren’t even speak. The album made the Top 10 in the UK Albums Chart, while the video for lead single ‘KILL4ME’ features Johnny Depp in an unholy threesome. Could you get much more controversial?


He Still Has Some Great Stories To Tell

Marilyn Manson has had a wild life. His father was a Vietnam war veteran whom he repeatedly referred to as a ‘mass murderer’; his first album was banned in a number of US retailers for having his head on a naked alien’s body; and he’s appeared in some of our favourite TV shows, including Eastbound & Down and Sons Of Anarchy.

He’s Incredibly Unique

From the fact his name was part-inspired by the recently diseased mass murderer Charles Manson, to his involvement in major film productions (notably, David Lynch’s Lost Highway), Marilyn Manson is one of few rockstars whose work stretches much further than music. He is a global icon, and counts stars such as Johnny Depp, Eminem and Josh Homme as his friends.

His Live Show is Amazing

His live performances are one of the best in rock music; dark, scary, mystical… his wary yet sermon-like delivery is ravenous. He’s simply one of the greatest frontpeople in rock today.

No One Else Has Been Able To Be A Weirder Icon

Providing solace for the weirdo inside all of us, Marilyn Manson continues to be the biggest icon of dress-how-you-want and don’t care about what anyone else says – a vibe that we can’t get enough of at Download. Release your inner weirdo! Download Festival is the best place to do it. \M/

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