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Meet the Download Festival Team – Trish, Production Coordinator

Have you ever lain awake in your tent at Download Festival and wondered, ‘what does it take to plan a rock festival this epic’?

Well, wonder no more as  in ‘Meet the Download Festival Team’ we’re here to satisfy your curiosity as we introduce you to the awesome people working behind the scenes to make the UK’s second biggest festival happen each year.

Meet Trish our Production Coordinator as she shares with you what she’s working on in the run up to Download 2019, how long it takes to build the Main Stage and just who is the Download Dog?

How long have you been working for Download Festival?

It’s been nearly two years now; 2019 will be my third Download.

What attracted you to working as a Production Coordinator?

A love of music and live events. Seeing how it unfolds from behind the scenes, especially from day one, it gives you an entirely different insight.

What are you responsible for as a Production Coordinator?

To put it simply… if you can visibly see it on the festival site, I’ve organised it getting there and being built. Tents, benches, bars, signs, food trucks, fencing, flooring, toilets, lights, flags, fairground rides… even the Download Dog Head. And, not forgetting looking after the huge number of staff and crew it takes to make it all happen.

What do you work on in the run up to the festival?

Everything! Planning for Download 2019 has already started, so the next six months will be dedicated to doing just that! Redrawing the site plan, replotting everything that goes onto it, sourcing it, ordering it, booking the crew and creating the mammoth production schedule.

How long do you spend on site at Download for the build and pack down?

One month, give or take a day or two.

How long does it take to build the Main Stage?

Approximately 10-12 days.

Describe an average work day during the festival?

I wouldn’t even know how to start, as an “average” work day doesn’t exist! As good as we are at planning and being organised, every day throws curve balls at you, often thrown by people who are not so organised! It’s my job to deal with the issues, and find ways around them. There is always a solution!

What’s the one thing you do that we’d never guess was part of the role?

Making Download Festival the official host of the UK Air Guitar World Championships. At the other end of the spectrum, I have often restocked the staff toilets. Swings and roundabouts!

What do you most enjoy about your job?

Hearing friends who’ve attended say how great the festival was. It’s a really good feeling!

What’s the funniest story you can share about working at Download?

I think the most I’ve ever laughed was likely over something not at all funny; after living in a field for weeks on end you do tend to become a bit delirious.

Just who is the Download Dog?

I can’t tell you that!

What’s the top 3 things  you’d recommend packing for a festival?

Wellies, waterproofs and beer.

Do you get to watch many bands when the festival is on?

Unfortunately not! I can definitely hear them, and might get five minutes to pop up to main stage to see a song, but as a rule I’m just too busy.

What was your first festival experience like as fan?

Leeds Festival in 2005, I think Pixies headlined. Had the time of my life, got completely hooked on festivals and went to every Reading Festival after that for about 8 years.

What bands would you like to see at Download 2019?

Tool of course, I’ve never seen them live. And Underoath for the nostalgia!


Join Trish at Download 2019 on 14th-16th June 2019 for Def Leppard, Slipknot, Tool, Slayer, Smashing Pumpkins, Rob Zombie and many more.