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Mind The Dog’s Top Tips For Mental Health

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week!

These are challenging times for a lot of us, and it’s important to take care of yourselves! We’ve teamed up with MUNE, who run the awesome Mind The Dog sessions at Download, to bring you some top tips for keeping your mind healthy.

Realign your focus

Focusing on positives rewires your brain, releasing happy hormones. Write 3 things you’re grateful for each day, it can be as simple as the sun shining!

Connection is key

Social connection makes us feel good. Science shows it improves mental and physical health. Find some time today to call someone dear to you.

Elevate your mind

Change the thought and you’ll change the feeling. Take 5 minutes each day to practice meditation, breathe in and let go.

Rock On!

Music can instantly change your mood and lower your stress levels. Put your favourite playlist on, let down your hair and get moving!

Move your body

Exercise releases feel good chemicals in your brain, instantly lifting your mood. And why not make it fun… dance party in the kitchen anyone?


Mind The Dog will be returning to Download this year – they’ll be hosting a mindfulness session for us all on Download TV! It takes place on 12th-14th June, so don’t miss out!