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New Music Friday: Volbeat, Blackout Problems, Wargasm and Hot Milk

We have some epic stuff in this week’s New Music Friday!

Hard rock titans Volbeat have dropped their new live album ‘Rewind, Replay, Rebound’. Plus, there’s a single from Blackout Problems and new videos from WARGASM and Hot Milk!

Volbeat live in germany

Volbeat have dropped their new live album ‘Rewind, Replay, Rebound (Live in Deutschland)’! Recorded during their 2019 headline tour of Germany, the album is stacked full of explosive riffage. Check it out to get a glimpse of what to expect when the Great Danes hit the Download stage in 2021!

Blackout problems drop ‘lady earth’

Know what else is from Germany? Alternative metal outfit Blackout Problems. They’ve dropped their new single ‘Lady Earth’. The final single off their upcoming album ‘Dark’, this track features soft verses that burst into a killer chorus. It’ll definitely have you headbanging along!

new video from wargasm

WARGASM have released the music video for their new track ‘Rage All Over’! The epic video shows off the killer energy the band keeps bringing with every new track. Don’t miss them when they hit the Avalanche Stage at Download 2021!

Hot milk perform ‘glass spiders’

Manchester’s finest punk duo Hot Milk have dropped a live performance of their track ‘Glass Spiders’. Taken from their Digital Anarchy live stream, the performance shows exactly what the group is about with awesome production and an insane vocal performance from front woman Han Mee.