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New Music Friday: Black Peaks, Man With A Mission, Our Last Night, Those Damn Crows

Ready for #NewMusicFriday? It’s a big one.

This week, Black Peaks, Man With A Mission, Our Last Night and Those Damn Crows have all dropped massive new tracks. Get stuck in below, and prepare to be rocking out all weekend long.


black peaks are back

Bring Black Peaks the crown, because their new song ‘King’ is fit for a… you get the idea. Vocalist Will Gardner said “To have been able to create a piece of music in such a difficult time has been one of the most challenging but rewarding things I’ve ever done and I’m so proud of what we as a band have made.” When you listen to it, you’ll see why – and it’s got a video that’ll have you thinking as hard as the track has you rocking.

man with a mission have had their phones on silent

That’s the only reason we can think of as to why they’d have ’86 Missed Calls’, which is the title of their new track. It features their mate Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy, who also helped write and produce their track ‘Dead End In Tokyo’ in 2017, and it’s catchier than festival flu. Man With A Mission also announced their new EP ‘Dark Crow’ will be out next month. Tasty.

follow our last night off ‘the beaten path’

Thought Our Last Night were just that band who did rock covers of pop songs? Think again, because their own material is killer. Trevor and Matt Wentworth’s vocals sound nothing short of epic on new track ‘The Beaten Path’. Get practicing your screams.


those damn crows are ‘set in stone’

Welsh rockers Those Damn Crows‘ new song ‘Set In Stone’ has a chorus so huge, you can probably see it from the sun. It’s taken from their upcoming album ‘Point Of No Return’, which is shaping up to be one of the must listen’s of 2020. We guarantee you’ll be playing air guitar with the best of them before the song ends.