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New Music Friday – Slipknot, Royal Republic, Conjurer

Another week, another New Music Friday!

Headbang to Slipknot all weekend long, get your 80’s party on with Royal Republic and watch a devastatingly heavy Conjurer live set.

slipknot are not your kind

Finally, we have a release date – Slipknot‘s much anticipated sixth album ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ is set to land on 9th August. It’s the first time in FIVE YEARS that the band have released an album, so the hype machine is in overdrive. If you’re anything like us and you just can’t wait to get moshing to some new music, they’ve released another track, ‘Unsainted’, from the album – and it’s a real headbanger.

things get retro in royal republic’s new video

You’ll think you’ve stepped into Marty McFly’s DeLorean when you watch Royal Republic‘s new video for ‘Anna-Leigh’. With a vibe that’s straight out of an 80’s pop video and a bassline that could even get your Gran grooving, it’s a feel good banger that’s guaranteed to get the Main Stage dancing.

watch conjurer tear it up in new york

If after all that boogy-ing you’re after something heavier Conjurer are just the ticket. Kerrang! filmed the last show of the band’s US tour at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, New York. If you had any doubts at all as to how they’ll go off on the The Dogtooth Stage, this video’ll quash them. Prepare to throw down.

Catch Slipknot, Royal Republic, Conjurer and over a hundred other bands from around the world at Download Festival, taking place in Donington Park 14th-16th June 2019.