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New Music Friday – The HU, Dream Theater, Beartooth, Those Damn Crows

We’re not going to lie, this week’s #NewMusicFriday is a BEAST!

Get ready to get between its jaws to hear The HU‘s latest single, watch Dream Theater‘s new animated video and listen to Beartooth go country.

You can also find out why Those Damn Crows are asking ‘Who Did It’, what new video BAD WOLVES are premiering and if Alcest‘s have treated us to a new song.

We told you it was a biggie.

The HU drop new  single and video ‘The Great Chinggis Khaan’

Mongolian metallers The HU have released their new single and video, ‘The Great Chinggis Khann’, and it’s epically dark. The video returns once again to Mongolia, but this time the landscape has been transformed into a burning post-apocalyptic wasteland with the band playing for their lives. Sounds intense, right?

‘The Great Chinggis Khann’ is taken from The HU’s upcoming debut album ‘The Gereg’ which is out on 13th September. It also features the band’s incredible earlier singles, ‘Yuve Yuve Yu’, ‘Wolf Totem’ and ‘Shoog Shoog’.

Why not check out our interview with The HU at Download 2019 to find out more about what you can expect from ‘The Gereg’.

Dream Theater melt minds with a new animated video for ‘Barstool Warrior’

Dream Theater have unleashed a totally awesome animated video for ‘Barstool Warrior’ taken from their 14th album, ‘Distance Over Time’. And, we think you’ll agree it’s a visual monster with sick 3D graphics and enough 360 shots to make you lose your lunch.

If you wanted to know what the track is about, guitarist John Petrucci is here to explain: “‘Barstool Warrior’ is a fictional tale about two characters, unrelated but connected in their lament over being stuck in dead end situations”.

“The first is a local townie, alcoholic who never escaped the humdrum of his sleepy, maritime village. The second, a woman trapped in an abusive relationship trying to survive from day to day while questioning what makes her stay.

“Both are able to reimagine their lives and find the courage to embrace a better future by embodying the person they dream of being”.

Love ‘Distance Over Time’? Then you need to read our interview with Dream Theater’s James LaBrie at Download 2019.

Beartooth go country

Grab you stetson as Beartooth have gone country for their upcoming EP, ‘The Blackbird Sessions’. The EP is due to be released on 13th September and includes four songs from their recent album, ‘Disease’,  reworked in an acoustic country folk style.

To wet your appetite in the meantime you can listen now to ‘Clever’ from the EP. Gone are the heavy riffs and in their place are tender acoustic guitars and heavenly melodies. And, trust us it’s thing of beauty.

But, why the change in direction you ask? Front man Caleb Shomo speaking to Loudwire is here to fill you in: “When the idea came up to do acoustic sessions, immediately my mind went to family holidays — constantly surrounded by singing old hymns and harmonies on harmonies. The idea of taking Beartooth in a direction of my first musical moments in life felt right”.

Those Damn Crows ask ‘Who Did It’

Welsh rockers Those Damn Crows are here to give you a hearty chunk of classic rock in the shape of their new single, ‘Who Did It’. It’s an anthem in the making with punishing riffs, a huge chorus and a country-tinged middle eight to help you catch you breath.

It’s taken from Those Damn Crow’s forthcoming album ‘Point of No Return’ due to be released on  7th February 2020. And, after tasting a monster cut like this we can’t wait to hear what they have in store next.

Bad Wolves premiere new video for ‘I’ll Be There’

If performance videos are the meat and potatoes of rock and metal then BAD WOLVES‘ performance video for ‘I’ll Be There’ comes with a Michelin Star. Directed by Bryan Ramirez, the video has the guys pushing out that same visceral energy as when you saw them live on the Zippo Encore Stage at #DL2019.

‘I’ll Be There’  is the lead single from the band’s second album, “N.A.T.I.O.N.’, due out this autumn. Talking to HardDrive Radio about how the album came together, front man Tommy Vext said: “Guitars and bass were tracked in [Las] Vegas with Max Karon, who is one of John’s [Boecklin, drums] oldest friends, who also works for GHOST.”

“We did production and vocals in L.A., at Sparrow Sound studio, with Joseph McQueen, who, his partner is Josh Gilbert from AS I LAY DYING. He did all the vocals on the first BAD WOLVES record. And then John flew to Nashville and did drums with Mark Lewis. So we went to all our favourite places to deal with each instrument accordingly.”

With a roll call like that you know it’s going to be a sick album.

Alcest share six minute new single ‘Protection’

The wait is over as French post-metal Alcest have finally shared their first new single in three years called ‘Protection’. Taken from the band’s upcoming album ‘Spiritual Instinct’ it heralds a heavier new direction for the blackgaze pioneers.

Immerse yourself in the track’s intensity by checking out the video below and watch in awe as humanity and nature collide.