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New Music Friday: Tool, Simple Creatures, Trash Boat, Sumo Cyco

Thank the devil it’s #NewMusicFriday – because that means it’s finally time for Tool‘s BRAND NEW ALBUM!

That’s right, we’ve got ‘Fear Inoculum’ on repeat today. But if that’s not your bag (are you okay?!), there’s also new jams from Simple CreaturesTrash Boat  and Sumo Cyco to rock out to.

it’s finally here – ‘fear inoculum’

We’ve waited a long time. 13 years, to be exact. But we don’t need to wait any longer as  Tool‘s ‘Fear Inoculum’ is OUT NOW! That’s right, prepare to be swept away once more by crazy time signatures, epic riffage, and the kind of lyrics that only Maynard could dream up. Believe us – it’s totally worth the wait.

thanks simple creatures, we like it

The new Simple Creatures track is called ‘Thanks, I Hate It’, but that won’t be your reaction when you listen. The latest teaser from their upcoming EP, ‘Everything Opposite’, out next month, it’s a full on trash-pop bop. Sadly, there’s no accompanying video featuring sock puppets with this one.

trash boat get experimental

Punk rockers Trash Boat are experimenting with new sounds on their latest track ‘Synthetic Sympathy’. Speaking about the track to Kerrang!, frontman Tobi Duncan said: “This song is just a source for me to vent about the looming dread of life, perpetuated by a never ending chain of equally inconsequential conversations, that after so much time and repetition, only serve to remind me that it exists until it doesn’t feel real anymore.”

sumo cyco are running with the giants

Punk metallers Sumo Cyco are back with a new single that’ll kickstart your weekend in the best way. Skye Sweetnam and co never fail to get us moving with their infectious dancehall-infused rock jams, and new single ‘Running With The Giants’ is no exception. What’s more, it’s taken from the album of the same name, which we hear is on its way.