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Reasons Why We Love Alexisonfire

After a break from performing in the UK, Alexisonfire are making a huge return with a promise to destroy everything in sight – all the while making you swoon.

We had a look at why we just can’t wait to see them at next the biggest family reunion of the year, #DL2018.

They’re One Of The Most Successful Bands In Canada

Their four albums were all released fully independently, despite the interest of major labels. These went on to become some of Canada’s most successful indie label releases.

Out of four albums, ‘Alexisonfire’ (2002), ‘Watch Out’ (2004), ‘Crisis’ (2006), and ‘Old Crows / Young Cardinals’ (2009), their 2002 debuted at #1 on the Top 200 Soundscan chart (Canada), and ‘Old Crows / Young Cardinals’ debuted at #2, and also at #9 on the US Billboard Independent Album chart.

Their first 3 albums achieved Platinum certification in Canada while ‘Old Crows / Young Cardinals’ reached Gold certification. Not bad for a band without a major label!


They’re A Big Part Of Our Youth

Having released those albums in the mid-2000’s, they’re a band who are a time capsule of memories for many of us. We hear particular tracks, such as the classically heavy ’44. Caliber Love Letter’, and instantly we can remember where and who we were in those days.


They’re Heavy But Heartfelt

Notoriously heavy, Alexisonfire have a polar opposite element which works perfectly. The contrasting screams of frontman George Pettit and guitarist/singer Dallas Green’s croon is a perfect emotional rollercoaster. Like no other band, Alexisonfire manage to create something that’s completely – and unmistakably – their own.

Every Album Is A Banger

While 2003’s ‘Alexisonfire’ was recorded when some of the members were only 17, the albums following show a growth of a band qualifying into an irrefutable force. ‘Old Crows / Young Cardinals’, released in 2009, is a mammoth rock album with a gloriously golden edge. Everything in between was a step of their epic journey.


They Have The Best Singalong Moments

From Dallas Green’s opening lines to ‘Happiness By The Kilowatt’, the gang vocals on ‘Accidents’, to the handclaps on ‘Young Cardinals’, Alexisonfire know how to make a tune resonate with an arena full of people.

Reminded of how much you love Alexisonfire? Make sure you don’t miss out on the action at Download 2018.