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Riff Radar – Black Futures

This month’s Riff Radar band is out of the this world…literally. Industrialist noise punk duo, Black Futures, have traveled back from the future to share with you “feelings of elation, awe and wonder”. Oh, and some pretty sick tracks that would have Marty McFly slamming in his high tops.

Black Futures (aka Space and Vibes) have communicated with us via electronic messages, in blood red all caps, their prophecy for Download 2019 and why ,if you believe in unicorns, you should watch them when they descend upon the hallowed grounds of Donington Park this June.


What does it mean to you to play at Download 2019?

It means we unite on the meadows with our brothers & sisters of noise. It means pure joyous energy & new recruits to the club.

Have you ever attended Download festival as a fan? What was it like?

As a youth, I camped with a horse, in hearing distance of the noise but the walls were never breached. It will be an honour.

What went down at the first ever Black Futures’ show?

People were blindfolded, kidnapped & taken to the display area to experience the birth of the expedition club.

How did Black Futures start their journey together as a band?

We were young & unaware our voyage had already begun. The journey is still fresh which excites us.

How would you describe your sound to an alien?

Ouch that feels good.

Who inspires Black Futures?

The infinity of the universe and the limitlessness of music.

Your last single ‘Trance’ has the line “tell me all your secrets”. Can you share with us one secret about the band?

Music brings tears in my eyes in times of ecstasy and sorrow.

The video for ’Trance’ is out of this world. What is it about? Where did you get the inspiration for the concept?

‘Trance’ captures the immense beauty of nature and imagination. The mixture of nature, music and the mind can take you to any world you wish.

Give three reasons why Downloaders should watch Black Futures at #DL2019.

If you love noise, revel in pure energy and you believe in unicorns – be there

What bands are you looking forward to watching at Download 2019?

Download has spoilt us with sonic luxuries. Every moment will be spent feasting on the art of our noise brothers! The line up is a Michelin Star rock n roll menu.

You’ve got to look after the Download Dog for one day. What three things are you going to do with him?

  1. Let him put us on a lead and watch animals as leaders
  2. Play fetch us a round of beers
  3. Share a romantic burger & trooper ale back at the van

Where do you see Black Futures in three years from now?

Same thing as this year…Losing all inhibition on stage at download festival 2022!


Come over to the dark side and watch Black Futures at Download 2019 on 14-16th June 2019, plus headliners Def Leppard, Slipknot, Tool and many more.