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Riff Radar: Orbit Culture

It’s time for the April edition of Riff Radar!

This month, we’re chatting to Orbit Culture – and if you like it heavy, this is one band you should Spotify right now. We spoke to vocalist/guitarist Niklas about what we can expect from their Download set, as well as get some inside info on their upcoming fourth album.

You guys might not be a new band, but you ARE new to Download! Are you excited to come to the UK?

Niklas: We are incredibly excited. Download Festival is one of those festivals we’ve dreamt of playing ever since we were teenagers and now we are finally here. It hasn’t really settled in yet. It will be crazy. We are so grateful for the opportunity.

How did Orbit Culture start out?

Niklas: We started out in early 2013 by just jamming and hanging out at an old powerplant station here in Eksjö where they had renovated some of the rooms into rehearsal spaces for the local bands. Funnily enough, our main excuse for being there was to have a place to party, but we eventually picked up the instruments, and Orbit Culture was formed.

How would you describe your sound?

Niklas: I think someone once said that we sound like Gojira, Meshuggah and Metallica had a baby and I believe that’s quite accurate, haha. Bands like that will always be the spine and foundation of our sound, but I think the more we play, create and evolve, the more of our “sound” I think it becomes.

Are there any plans for a follow up to 2020’s ‘Nija’?

Niklas: Absolutely. We released an EP called ‘Shaman’ last year in 2021, a product of having too much time on our hands basically due to the pandemic. The ‘Shaman’ EP was written with live performances in mind, so you’ll hear one or two songs from that EP at Download, for sure. Right now, we are in the midst of recording our new album and it will be a much darker one, both instrumentally and lyrically than before, so we are incredibly excited about this one.

Why should Downloaders check you out at DL22?

Niklas: I think if you are into getting your face smacked with a wall of guitars, bass, and drums, fierce vocals but also singalong-friendly choruses, you are in for a treat. Make sure to warm up your neck muscles, because you’ll be using them a lot!

If you could cover a song from one of our headliners – KISS, Iron Maiden, Biffy Clyro – what would you cover?

Niklas: KISS – God Of Thunder, hands down. That song has metal written all over it.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at DL22?

Niklas: KISS. I’ve seen them a couple of times, but everything KISS-related makes me feel seven years old again on Christmas morning which is awesome. Looking forward to Mastodon too!

Download Dog has never been to Sweden! Where would you take him to show him round?

Niklas: Oh yes! I think we’d have to show him around the Old Town of our capital Stockholm. It’s incredibly beautiful to stroll around there with friends during the summer.

Orbit Culture will play Download Festival 2022 along with headliners KISSIron Maiden and Biffy Clyro! It takes place on 10th-12th June in Donington Park. Tickets are on sale now.