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Riff Radar – Power Trip

In Riff Radar we take a bite out of an up and coming band on the Download 2019 line up and spit out all of the juicy facts you need to know about them.

In this edition we chew over Dallas crossover thrash metallers, Power Trip, who’ll be headbanging their way to Donington for #DL2019

The line up…

Riley Gale (vocals), Blake Ibanez (guitar), Chris Ulsh (drums), Nick Stewart (guitar), Chris Whetzel (bass)

Sounds like..

The riff carnage of thrash legends Exodus slamming it out in the pit with the heavy hardcore of Cro-Mags and the political edge of Discharge.


Power Trip were birthed a decade ago from the loins of Dallas, Texas and spent their early years doing what hardcore bands do best: playing countless shows in the local scene, jumping in a sweaty van with their mates to hit the road across the states and self-releasing two EPs.

In 2013 the band signed to cool as f**k underground heavy metal label, Southern Lord, and released their debut album, Manifest Decimation. It’s a record that has unrelenting sense of menace and destruction from the moment you press ‘play’; with finger-snappingly fast riffs and roared vocals, it demands to be listened to with the volume cranked up to 11.

In 2017 the band released their sophomore album, Nightmare Logic, to critical acclaim and topped Album Of The Year lists. Produced by one of the hottest metal producers around, Arthur Rizk, it’s a record that from the distorted rumblings of opening track ‘Soul Sacrifice’, slays you with gnarly 80s speed metal solos, thunderous riffs, pounding drums and barked vocals that’d have Henry Rollins reaching for a throat lozenge.

Live the band are renowned for powerful shows that pulsate with energy and put the ‘h’ in HEAVY. Singer Riley Gale usually prowls the front of the stage barking out the band’s lyrics, that mesh the personal and political, into a circle pit as the band headbang solidly behind him. Racking up past support slots with Anthrax, Lamb Of God and Napalm Death, Power Trip are a band that know how to hold their own.

The critics say…

“Texan crossover monsters Power Trip are totally brilliant”Kerrang

“They sound less like they’re here to party, and more like they want to kick your ass.”Pitchfork

“Whether you are looking for something to run around in the pit to, head bang, let loose your rage and throw a chair, Power Trip has got your back.” –  Metal Injection

The band say…

“We have fun and we like to f**k with people…we’ve always had really crazy shows and encouraged a lot of crazy stuff to happen. We’ve had plugs pulled on us. We’ve been banned from venues.” Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale speaking to Revolver.

Power Trip

The fans say…

sick fact…

Body Count’s Ice T affectionately called front man Riley Gale “Lil Jumpy Mane” after watching the band perform at a festival.

Pit type…

Pass your friend your wallet and phone, it’s going to get messy.

At Download most likely to…

Have a circle pit to end all circle pits and to be the show that you tell all your friends about when you get back home.

What you need to listen to right now…

Power Trip are coming to Download 2019 on 14th-16th June 2019.

Don’t miss out on the circle pit of your life and catching headliners Def Leppard, Slipknot and Tool and many more.