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Secure your place at Download 2020 with our Instalment Plan

You know you have to be at Download 2020, there’s just too many awesome bands you can’t miss! But, if you’re strapped for cash you might be thinking how can I get there? Well, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered with the Download Instalment Plan.

The plan gives you the chance to split the total cost of your into three easy to manage payments. So you can still find yourself seeing KISS, Iron Maiden, System Of A Down and many more at #DL2020

how it works

It’s really simple, just head over to our Tickets page and make sure you click on the Instalment Plan button for your chosen ticket (they’re beneath the regular ones).

If you get your ticket using our Instalment Plan between 1st February – 5th March, you’ll pay for your ticket in three parts.

  • 1st payment  – due at the check out and is 34% of your total ticket cost
  • 2nd payment – due on 2nd April and is 33% of your total ticket cost.
  • 3rd payment  – due on 1st May 2020 and is 33% of your total ticket cost.

Then the ticket is yours and we’ll see you in the pit!