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The Sickest #DL2019 Tattoos inked at Old Sarum

Old Sarum returned to #DL2019 for a sixth year to once again ink the Download Fam with tattoos to remember an awesome weekend.

The resident artists tattooed everything from a traditional Download Dog to a Baby Groot. Check out a selection of the sickest tattoos below and start planning your next masterpiece.

Woofing awesome Download Dogs

The Download Dog got a helluva lot of puppy love at Old Sarum as Downloaders had his red mush tattooed inked all over their flesh. But, it wasn’t just your standard DL Dog as he became a superhero appearing as Captain America, Deadpool, Iron Man and more.

Legendary band tattoos

Forget a t-shirt, nothing shows your devotion to your favourite band than getting a tattoo of your heroes. Downloaders went berserker at #DL2019 getting Amon Amarth, Def Leppard, Slayer and more tattoos of the awesome bands playing over the weekend.

I am groot!

Baby Groot took time out from hanging with Guardians Of The Galaxy to get inked in various disguises on Marvel obsessed Downloaders. All together now…I AM GROOT!!!

I am groot!

the weird and wonderful

Tattoos are all about getting something that’s individual to you and at #DL2019 you went all out. We saw tattoos inked of Aggretsuko, the Infinity Gauntlet and even a severed Beavis head!

#DL2019 Love

We’re always totally honoured when members of the Download Fam get a tattoo dedicated to the festival. You guys rule.