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Split travel costs – use Download Liftshare!

Sign up for Download Liftshare and cut travel costs, keep pollution down, and make new mates, all in one go!

Want a cheap, sustainable, and easy way to travel to Donington this year? Sign up to Download Liftshare, and offer your spare seats to other Downloaders! You’ll be able to split your fuel costs with them while keeping your carbon footprint down and jamming out to “Duality”! Plus, you’ll get FREE access to our priority car park.

Not got a car and looking to hitch a ride? Sign up now to find someone going the same way as you.


what do i do?

  1. Sign up to Liftshare – it’s free and easy
  2. Offer up your empty seats – or search for a lift
  3. Request to share and make contact to arrange details
  4. That’s it!