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The top ten Co-op festival essentials

This summer Co-op is coming to Download. They’ll be bringing people together with a store in the heart of the campsite.


Go visit them:

  • Wednesday midday till 1am
  • Thursday – Sunday 7am till 1am
  • Monday 7am till midday

Stock up on festival essentials while you are there and lug less in your backpack. They have everything from beer to snacks, water, wine and toiletries. And whatever the weather you’ll find what you need from sun cream to rain ponchos. You can even pay with a tap using a wide variety of contactless payments including Barclaycard and bPay.

There will also be two clever machines on-site to recycle your empty plastic bottles. After you use it you’ll get your deposit back with a handy voucher to use at the Co-op village shop for whatever you like. Or you can donate to the Co-op Foundation charity instead of taking the voucher. And best of all the bottles you return will find a new life as Co-op water bottles.


The top ten Co-op festival essentials

  • Ponchos… it wouldn’t be a festival without one
  • Crates of beer for your mates
  • Big bags of ice for frosty drinks
  • Sun lotion because you never know…
  • Sandwiches to keep your energy up
  • Mixers for the perfect G&T
  • Wet wipes to keep you fresh
  • Fresh fruit to crank up the Vitamin C
  • Ice creams for a sugar rush
  • Bottles of wine to celebrate good times

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