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The Dog Blog – New Site Improvements

The Download Dog Blog is back for #DL2020 and it’s a biggie. We’ve got some huge site improvements to share with you for Download 2020 that are going to rock your world.

We’re revealing a new hard-standing home for The Village, a jaw-dropping new Merchandise Superstore and more capacity for The Dogtooth Stage.

We’re also sharing brand new locations for the campsites, car parks and travel hub that are going to reduce the amount of walking you have to do on site.

And, if that wasn’t enough we’re going to bury a Download Time Capsule at this year’s festival to raise the horns to our legacy.

It’s a massive moment in Download’s history and we cannot wait for you to experience it with us this summer at #DL2020.

We all have a deep bond with Donington Park and we always have Downloaders at the heart of any improvements we make to the site. We listened to your feedback after #DL2019 and set about achieving the ultimate goal of reducing your walking distance on site and making your time at the festival nothing but legendary.

These improvements are also to safeguard our future against any residential or commercial developments that may happen in the area. By making these changes now, we can ensure Donington Park remains our spiritual home for the years ahead.

A new home for The Village

The Village has now moved to hard standing ground – on the awesomely-nicknamed Tarmac Lake – just to the west of the site. Last year, The Village suffered from the poor weather conditions and we simply couldn’t let that happen again.

It’s going to be the beating heart of the campsites: firstly, it’s right slap bang in the middle of them and you can walk there in less than 20 minutes from wherever you’ve camped.

But, what about that walk from The Village to the Arena? In its new location you’ll be able to get from the Village to the Arena in 7 minutes flat – that’s the same amount of time as listening to Iron Maiden’s ‘Fear Of The Dark’. And, what’s more the route from The Village to the Arena will be on hard standing ground all the way!

Plus, the route from the Disabled Access campsite to The Village is also all on hard standing ground.

The Village will also have a sick new theme that is going to blow your minds. It will still be home to all your Download camping favourites: The Doghouse, comedy, club nights, fairground and much more.

And, there’s some epic new additions for #DL2020…

Village to Arena

A new Merchandise Superstore

Yes, you read that right. A huge Merchandise Superstore is coming to The Village at Download 2020! Last year we heard you when you said the merch queues were too long and have gone all out  to put it right.

The Merchandise Superstore is going to be an actual walk-in shop where staff will be on hand to show you the size of #DL2020 merch and artist merch before you buy it. The merch stands in the arena are also getting bigger and will have extra staff, so you can get your paws on merch even quicker.


The Transport Hub has moved

We’ve moved the Transport Hub to a brand new location that’s closer to the campsites to shorten the amount of walking you have to do with your camping gear.

When you arrive at the Transport Hub you can walk to the nearest campsite in just 2 minutes and a maximum 26 minute walk to the furthest campsite. You can also walk to The Village in a sweet 60 seconds.

Coming to DL just for the day? You can walk from the Transport Hub to the Arena in just 10 minutes.

Check out the Site Changes Map to see the new location.

Transport Hub to Village Map

New Car Park  and Campsites Locations

We always want to be honest with you and we hold our hands up that the walking distance from the car parks to the campsites last year was not good enough. So this year, to make your walk to the campsite and arena as short as possible we’ve made a couple of big changes.

Firstly, we’ve moved each of the car parks to new locations that are only a short walking distance to campsites, if you’re coming for the weekend, or to the arena if you’re coming for the day. We’ve also created a brand new East Car Park to give you more space to park up if you’re driving in from the North.

East and West Car Parks

If you’re travelling to Download for the weekend you’ll park in either the East or West Car Park. You can walk to the nearest campsite from the East Car Park in just two minutes and from the West Car Park to the nearest campsite in just 14 minutes.

South Car Park

If you’re coming to rock out at Download just for the day you’ll park in the South Car Park. You can walk from the South Car Park to the Arena in just 10 minutes.

Secondly, we’ve created brand new campsites as part of our mission to make your walking distances shorter on site. All of the campsites are closer to The Village and car parks to make it easier for you to get around the site.

Want to see for yourself? Check out the Campsites Map to see all the new locations.

Also, remember when you’re driving to #DL2020 please do not follow your sat nav. We’ll have signs on the road to get you to where you need to be and to let you know which car parks are filling up the fastest.

South Car Park to Arena

Name the #DL2020 Campsites

As the campsites are new they need new names and this, Downloaders, is where we need your help.  We want you to tell us what you think each new campsite should be called – all six of them!

To get some creative inspo, check out these short descriptions of each campsite. And, don’t forget to look at where they’re located on the map below.

Campsite A

Located on far West, it has views of Breedon on the Hill and the Bulwarks Iron Age Fort that sit on the hill 400 feet above sea level.

Campsite B

It straddles the Derbyshire/Leicestershire borders and sits next to All Hooks Wood.

Campsite C

This houses Quiet and Greenpeace’s Eco Campsite and is a beautiful part of the site with ancient oak trees and native wildlife that we need to preserve.

 Campsite D

A large field in front of Donington Hall

Campsite E

Nestled deep in the valley

Campsite F

Split into two sections and is next the 4×4 driving course. It also has amazing views of the race track

How to enter

To enter just fill in and submit our Campsite Name Suggestions Form and your campsite name could become a reality at #DL2020.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with, just make sure you let us know before the deadline of 11.59pm on Sunday 8th March 2020.


We’ve been an official partner of Attitude Is Everything since 2017 as part of the Charter of Best Practice. It’s their 20th anniversary this year and we’re hyped to celebrate it with them by further improving our facilities for disabled customers at #DL2020.

If you’re a Disabled Access customer we want to ensure you can move around the site with ease. So, we’ve kept the campsite in a hard standing location and moved the Access Campervan area closer to the arena. The Access Campervan field has also been expanded to now hold over 100 campervans compared to 70 last year.

The new location of The Village means you can now reach it on hard standing ground all the way, whether you’re heading there from the campsite or the arena.

And, if you’ve been to Download before you’re sure to have encountered one of our helpful Castle Donington volunteers. In 2019 they transported a staggering 4,250 Downloaders and did 600 journeys. So, we’re psyched to tell you that they’re returning again to #DL2020 for the fifth year to help you to get on and off site.

Bigger Dogtooth Stage

You know The Dogtooth Stage is the place to sink your teeth into the freshest up and coming acts as well as some legendary names, like Sepultura. It’s a stage that’s rocketed in popularity, so this year we’ve increased the capacity of the tent and made the stage bigger.

Wristbands for all

If you come to Download for the day you will now get a wristband! So, like our weekend Downloaders you can have a memento of your legendary time at Donington Park.



Download takes climate change seriously and as part of our Green Nation charter we are using 100% renewable Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil biofuel to power the event this year. In the recent The Show Must Go On report 76% of an event’s onsite carbon emissions is power and this act will reduce Download’s carbon emissions by 60%.

More Vegan and Vegetarian Food

The food we eat is responsible for almost a third of our global carbon footprint .  We’ve increased our vegan food offering by 40% to give you over 30 vegan vendors to choose from on site. Vegetarian? You’ll have over 40 vendors in addition to the vegan vendors to tuck into.

Faster refill points

All water refill points in the arena have been completely redesigned with high flow meaning that a litre bottle can be refilled in just 3 seconds, compared to last year which could have taken up to 12 seconds. That’s four times faster!

Reuse not single use

All water bottles sold at the bars and traders stands will be made from renewable plant based bottles that can also be refilled. Also, all water refill points in The Arena have been completely redesigned with high flow meaning that a litre bottle can be refilled in just 3 seconds, compared to last year which could have taken up to 12 seconds. That’s four times faster!

More recycling

At Download 2019 last year you smashed it as we had a 59% rate of recycling and composting, compared to 48% in 2018. We want to do even better this year, so at #DL2020 you can once again pick up reuseable Download cups.

You can also use Every Can Counts in the campsites to recycle your tinnies as well as Co-op’s reverse vending machines in the campsite supermarket.

We are operating a deposit return scheme and closed loop recycling on our plant based bottles onsite so make sure you return them and get your deposits back.

Low Carbon Travel

With all these improvements to the transport hub, great transport connections and shuttle buses from the train station it is really easy to reduce your carbon footprint by how you choose to travel to Download.

If you travel by car please fill up your empty seats with Liftshare, who are back this year.  If you used Liftshare at #DL2019, get ready to have a celebratory mosh as you saved a massive 16.29 tones off CO2e and 42.54kg of NOx.

That’s not all, the Liftshare Car Park totally sold out.  Those who travelled by car raised £20k through car park donations going to Energy Revolution. The 2018 funds were received by a local school who installed 30KW solar panels on their roof this year.

Download Cup

#DL2020 Time Capsule

We want future generations to know the true legacy of Download and just how hard you rock in the hallowed fields of Donington Park. So, this summer at #DL2020 we’re burying a time capsule on site to celebrate everything Download.

But, the big question is…what should we include in it? System of a Down’s John Dolyman’s drum sticks? Vintage KISS potato heads? Or A Legacy of the Beast statue?

We want YOU to tell us what we should be buried in the time capsule – keep an eye on our socials, details coming soon! The Download Dog is already flexing his paws and getting some practice digging in to prep for the big day.

The time capsule will be dug up in August 2078, which is exactly 75 years since the first Download Festival!

Time Capsule

We’re hyped about #DL2020 and can’t wait for you to see these improvements for yourself when the Download Family comes together in Donington Park on 12th-14th June.

Want a more in-depth look at the Site Improvements? Watch the full run through video HERE.

Need a recap? Check out our Site Improvements section to run through again all of the changes coming this year.