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The Download Dog Blog – February 2019

In the last Dog Blog we asked you to send in some of your questions so the team could answer them for you and boy did you respond!

Here are a selection of some of the most popular questions with the team’s answers.

Will the Rocktail Cocktail bar be back in the arena as it was amazing – Andrea McCabe, Coventry

Absolutely!  We are always looking for ways to improve what we can offer you in terms of product and entertainment and Rocktail Cocktail was very popular last year.  Its location may move due to a number of reasons, but it will be back!

What are the bag restrictions for 2019? And will they apply to everybody? – Jeni Lawes, Norwich

It is now standard practice across the vast majority of Festivals and Events to restrict bag size to A4.  This is done for one very simple reason and that it to ensure we can search everyone entering the Arena without having an impact on how long you need to queue to get in.  If we allowed all bag sizes it would take us all day to get everyone in!  There are exceptions for things like Medical requirements, but these need to be approved in advance.

Are they going to any more camper/caravan passes made available? – Barry Read

Only if we can find a way to double stack them!  This is a popular way to camp at Download and we have increased the size of the Campsite every year.  The only way we can look to increase in future years is to move the Campsite from its current location and that would mean you would be further from the Arena and probably wouldn’t have your own Entrance …. And both of those points are very popular!

Where did the festival name come from? – Lily Young, Lowestoft

We ran a competition (I think it was in K Magazine) asking people for ideas.  When Download was created the Internet had just taken off in a big way and Downloading music was becoming a big thing, so it seemed like a good option.

Download Crowd

What changes are being made to the loyalty scheme? – Mark Archer, Worcester

Check out our Loyalty Scheme FAQs to find out what changes have been made to this year’s Loyalty Scheme.

I would like to ask about the volunteer scheme. When does it become available to apply? – Ronan Clapham, Poole

Hotbox Events or Oxfam – both site give you all the information you need

The village could do with a bit more entertainment stuff? – Nikola Cartwright, Billingham

We try and keep the balance between what everyone needs/wants vs space and we are also limited by the close proximity of the Airport and local properties.  If you have anything in particular you would like to see Nikola, please let us know.

The biggest grumble from people that attend Download is the walk from the campsite.  Why don’t you make the south car park the campsite and the current campsite as the car park?  This way the campsite would be much closer to the arena. – Mark Steele, Sheffield

We’ve got quite a few production changes coming to the site this year – we’re finalising the details so we can let you know as soon as possible.

Due to rules and regs from the airport safety guys – we’ve been advised on certain gate changes and routes that need adapting (turns out these should have been in place prior to now but we must’ve been getting away with it .

Over the past 16 years we have looked at every conceivable layout possible, trust me.  If the Camp Site was where the South Car Park is, one of the reasons it would not work is because at the end of each night, we would have to get 60,000 campers over a main road and that’s just not feasible.

Donington Park is a great venue and has well and truly established itself as the home of Rock, but the simple fact is that there is a big race track in the middle of it and we are only allowed to cross the track in certain places and due to restrictions from the airport, there are only certain things we can do on the infield.

More info to come next month.

Download Festival

I went to my first Download this year and it was easily the BEST festival I have ever been to! Please could I suggest for next year that there are more shelters from the sun/rain? – Grace Morris, Ryde

Answer: Unfortunately it’s an outdoor festival so we’d always advise bringing the appropriate clothes for the weather!

Can we have more options for partying into the night, for us ravers!! – Phillip Rose, Bedfordshire

Ravers ……… are you at the right Festival Phillip!? Campsite Village runs until early hours and then you should be getting your beauty sleep!

Would you ever bring back the contactless wristbands you had in 2015? – Jamie Gregory, Rotherham

No point Jamie, there are so many ways you can pay already such as Contactless Cards, Apple Pay etc

Why is the Quiet Campsite so far away from the Village – Charlotte, Swindon

Because it’s the quietest part of the Campsite Charlotte.  We did put it next to the Village one year but that also put it at the end of the runway and we received a lot of complaints, sorry.

Will Camp Loner be back? – Tracey, Sutton

Yes it will Tracey, but once you have made friends you have to leave (only joking!)

Download Festival

Have the roadworks finished on and off the Motorway? – Simon ‘still on the M1’ Jones!

We feel your pain Simon but glad to say the majority of the roadworks in the Area have finished but there are still some restrictions in place of the Motorway.  However, with all the changes that have occurred during the past 12 months with roads and access routes there will be a revised Traffic Management Plan in place this year.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE DOWNLOAD SIGNS AND NOT YOUR SAT NAV OR JUST GO THE WAY YOU HAVE ALWAYS GONE.  This year we need to fill the car parks in a certain order and if you don’t follow the correct sign, you could end up with an even longer walk!

Why do the Police close some of the roads on Sunday night? John, Kent

They don’t John, the closure of Melbourne Road is part of a Traffic Management plan produced by Download Festival, Highways England, the Local Authority and the Police and designed to make sure we can get everyone away from the Festival Car parks as quickly as possible.  In order to do this, we need to turn Melbourne Lane in to a one-way system so we can have cars going the same way on both sides of the road otherwise it would take twice as long to get everyone out.

Why can you take big bags in to the Campsite and only A4 in to the Arena? Zoe, Nottingham

Answer: Due to the licence we agree to with the local authorities, councils and Police it’s a requirement we reduce the bag size so we can search everyone going in, given the need for heightened safety and security at high density events such as Download these days.

Why do the Fairground Rides play crap Rave music? Alistair, Dorking

That Alistair is a very good question and we will be having words with the operator!

Keep sending in your questions and we will do our best to answer them and your ideas on how to improve the Festival are always welcome, but to the 1,337 of you who suggested we make sure the sun shines every year …….. we are good, but not that good!

Team Download!

Download Festival

Download Festival returns to Donington Park on 14th-16th June 2019 with headliners Def Leppard, Slipknot, Tool plus many more.