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The Rise Of Poppy

The enigmatic Poppy has been breaking the internet since 2015. To celebrate the release of her new EP ‘Music To Scream To’, we track The Rise Of Poppy from freaky YouTube video star to nu-metal queen.

i’m poppy

Poppy first arrived on the scene in 2014, in the form of a mysterious YouTube channel called simply ‘Poppy’. The videos on the channel were bizarre – they all featured an “uncanny valley” type character who some people began to suspect was an android. Many people found the Poppy character creepy and unnerving and began to share the videos around the internet.

The video ‘I’m Poppy’ in particular became a viral sensation – it now has over 25m views. We have to admit, it’s a little scary.

After a few years of internet hype, Poppy released her debut album ‘Poppy.Computer’ in 2017. The music on this first album wasn’t exactly typical Download fare – it was largely pop, albeit with the distinctive edge present in her videos.

Poppy’s second album ‘Am I A Girl?’ featured significantly heavier tracks, however. ‘Play Destroy’ combined pop with metal and featured Canadian singer Grimes, while the Carrie-inspired video for ‘X’ is perfect Halloween viewing.

The release of ‘Am I A Girl?’ was accompanied by the launch of a new website, Poppy.Church. Fans could request to join the church by entering their phone number on the site, and select fans would receive a link to create their own profile and avatar. Members of Poppy.Church could then visit each other’s ‘rooms’, chat with each other and read messages from their leader. Trust Poppy to reinvent social media.

music to scream to

Poppy’s third album ‘I Disagree’, released in 2019, went into full on nu-metal territory (just check out that riff on ‘Anything Like Me’). That year, she also toured with Bring Me The Horizon and Sleeping With Sirens, and released the track ‘Scary Mask’ with Fever 333.

So what’s next in Poppy’s world? Well, for starters, she’s just dropped a new EP ‘Music To Scream To’. The EP is a soundtrack for an accompanying graphic novel, ‘Damnation: Poppy’s Inferno’. Trust us, this isn’t like any Poppy music you’ve heard before. Plus, she’ll be playing Download Festival for the first time next year!

Poppy will play Download 2021, alongside headliners KISS, Biffy Clyro and System Of A Down. It takes place 4th-6th June in Donington Park.