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‘Vale’ Is A New Chapter Of Black Veil Brides

It’s been a long wait, but it’s finally here; The Wild Ones have returned.

Five years after the introduction of their epic and ambitious ‘Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones’, Black Veil Brides have made a huge return with their new album ‘Vale’. The album tackles defiance, solidarity and dreams, with Andy Black providing his signature inspirational lyrics of hope, loves lost and a battle to survive.

Once dubbed “the most controversial band in the universe”, the album is a celebration of BVB’s world and the scary, fun, inspiring place they come from.

The epic journey of ‘Dead Man Walking (Overture II)’ is a glorious story of adventure, failure and redemption clocking in at over 8 minutes – with a beautiful outro enough to give you spine tingles.  Meanwhile, ‘When They Call My Name’ has one of the hugest chorus’ we’ve ever heard.

But this is the new direction of Black Veil Brides, a new chapter in their story. What once was their universe is now their galaxy, as the beauty of Black’s lyrics and the band’s refusing to give in is the spearhead of their genre-spanning, 12 track album. Each one a vow of empowerment.

The album was produced by John Feldmann, and sees a new way that BVB have recorded their records.

Speaking about trying new things, Andy Black said: “I’ve always been so ‘everything has to be a certain way and everything needs to be this exact way,’ and I really felt that this time around, maybe it might be nice to bring in some other people and outside people who can not necessarily take away from the vision that I’ve laid down but maybe add things and help out and really see where it can be taken.

“If I’ve learned one thing over the course of my career, and especially in the last two years, there’s a real beauty and joy in collaborating and delegating as opposed to just obsessing by yourself.”


Andy Black stated that “this record is the most complete and exciting album we have done to date.”

In another interview, he said: “The Latin translation of Vale is ‘be well, be strong’ and is central to the message of this record. We hope to continue to inspire our fans and friends to embrace their own individuality and inner strength.

“The central narrative once again finds The Wild Ones characters facing the challenge of moving on from the pain and anguish of their past and looking to a new chapter in their lives. This concept is one that is near to my heart, and I believe will resonate with those that find themselves cast on the fringe of society.

“From our inception, Black Veil Brides have stood up for the outcasts and disenfranchised, with this album as hope to give you hope, fun and most importantly a kick ass rock and roll record.”

And this is why we love BVB – because they know who they are.

Come watch them rock at Download 2018.