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Volunteer at Download and get entry to the festival!

Want to see Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N’ Roses and Ozzy Osbourne? Volunteer with Hotbox Events at Download and you can see our three phenomenal headliners and some of the bands in the world. As well getting to watch some awesome bands volunteering gives you so much more.

You’ll make mates for life

Free up space on your phone as you’re about to make a shed load of new contacts. At the festival you’ll work alongside other volunteers as one big team and you’ll meet hundreds of festival goers as you dish out much needed help and directions.

You’ll make mates for life

It’s great for your CV

There’s not many ways you can get work experience on your CV and rock out at the same time. At Download as a volunteer you’ll get paws on experience, a solid reference on your CV whilst getting to hear some of the hottest bands around. As a volunteer you’ll be:

  • Working in the festival’s campsites, arenas, on gates, fire towers, and wristband exchanges.
  • Being proactive and alert to any potential problems.
  • Promoting crime awareness and crime prevention to the public.
  • Helping festival goers carry their belongings and pitch their tents.
  • Working with onsite teams to ensure medical, fire and security issues are dealt with promptly and safely.
  • Helping to prevent overcrowding and on hand to monitor crowd safety.
  • Assisting the public to create an environment where they feel safe.
Daria Download Volunteer

Did we mention the bands?

It’s not all work and no play as you’ll get breaks to hop on aboard the ‘Crazy Train’ and watch Download’s eye-wateringly amazing line up. Each festival volunteer works 3 x 8 hr shifts (24 hrs in total throughout the festival) giving you time to chill out with your newfound mates and catch your favourite bands.

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You’ll be a part of the best festival in the WORLD!

Volunteers play a huge role in creating the amazing atmosphere that makes Download Festival special. By volunteering you help us to continue to make Download one of the best festivals in the world!

Download Hotbox Volunteers

To find out more visit the Hotbox Events website or email  [email protected]