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WWE NXT Live! made a grand return to the hallowed grounds of Donington Park for #DL2018.

The biggest and brightest NXT names body slammed their way into Download 2018 to join our headliners Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N’ Roses and Ozzy Osbourne are the

In a full scale ring in the arena DL’er had their world rocked by high flying manoeuvres, action-packed matches and unexpected surprises. Meet some of the NXT superstars who packed a punch in Donington Park.


Aleister Black

Aleister Black enters the NXT ring with total composure and masterful precision, emerging from the quiet darkness just long enough to knock someone’s head off.

Alestair’s cannot wait to jump back in the ring at #DL2018, saying:

“I’ve been a music guy all my life. Getting to combine the two things that I love the most, metal and sports entertainment, on one of the most exciting stages in the world and to perform for a fanbase that understands me and is responsible for my success will make this an unforgettable experience.” 

Adam Cole

Once described by WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin as “hellacious”, Adam Cole arrived in NXT with one goal in mind: to take over.

He’s renowned for his meticulous in-ring attack, not to mention his exclamatory (and infectious) means of introducing himself: “Adam Cole, BayBay!”

Cole also wages all out war on the NXT as part of The Undisputed ERA, with Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish.


Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross’ unbridled fury and penchant for pain make her one of NXT’s most dangerous Superstars.

The unhinged Cross enjoys pain so much that she has been known to bite her own hand  in the middle of a match. With wild behaviour like this, it’s no wonder she has found herself fighting alongside the chaos-inducing group known as SAnitY.

Cross doesn’t discriminate when it comes to punching people in the face. Whether you’re a friend or foe, this crazed competitor is champing at the bit to attack.