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HE. SHE. THEY. x Mønster Queen


Location: The Den Day: Wednesday Set Time: TBA

International inclusive globe trotters HE.SHE.THEY. reunite with London’s goth powerhouse Monster Queen to bring Download Festival djs playing the most cutting edge soundscapes within the goth spectrum, from old school, to EBM, electro, dark wave & dark techno, industrial sounds and rarities to keep the body moving. HST have brought their madness from NYC to Mumbai, with the likes of Peaches, LSDXOXO, Sara Landry, and Dorian Electra gracing their stages, as of for MQ, they’ve been casting spells across the UK, Eastern Europe & South America with spellbinding shows, from live bands as Kontravoid, Zanias, NNHMN and a rare live performance of Paradox Obscur.